Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Ampoule - review

by - November 13, 2019

🍁🍂🌼 Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Ampoule 🌼🍂🍁

This summer was so unforgiving with my skin. I couldn't stay for too long in the sun, otherwise, i would break out.
So i had to use products that controlled sebum secretion. And 6 buckets of sunscreen. Well not exactly, but sometimes it felt that way. 😂

Now that the cold weather is here, i have put this serum to the test, to really see just how soothing, hydrating it is, and how much it repairs damaged skin.

I couldn't use Missha Artemisia Ampoule too much in the summer, but lately, it's been quite chilly (as in i am freezing, please help!), so my routine had to change to suit my skin needs.

I usually put 2 drops in my hand and tap it in before i apply my moisturizer. That's in the morning, and 3 drops at night. The next day, my skin looks so plump, hydrated, luminous, matte and the redness is visibly diminished. It has a dried herb scent, like sage or parsley. I can't quite pinpoint the scent, but it's faint and smells so good.
The ingredient list is all in the green.

When i do try something new, i always tend to stop using it for an extended period of time, to notice exactly the changes it had on my skin. I can safely say that the tightness returned and the start of dry, flakey skin around my nose (because I'm allergic to some things and napkins have become my bffs) has returned too. So yeah, i need me some extra hydration, otherwise I'll have only one facial expression.

My skin is not dry, is dehydrated. That is a condition, not a skin type and drinking 6 gallons of water everyday has nothing to do with it.

People with combination/sensitive/acne prone skin, with a tendency to dehydrate, have it so bad. You can't use something that's too hydrating because it will clog your pores.
And you can't use something to treat the monthly monsters, because it will dry out your skin even more. You need to find something in between. And i found mine!

You can find this serum right here on Cosmetic Jolse and they always have good brand sales, so make sure you watch out for those.
I received my package after a week (working days only), which is amazing for me. I usually have to wait to 2-3 weeks.

Thank you so much Cosmetic Jolse for sending this beauty my way.
Do you have a skincare product that you always go back to when your skin si dry, patchy and damaged from cold?

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