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by - September 09, 2019

A while ago, i received a couple of korean products from Coxir and her sister brands to try out. If you saw my unboxing on Insta-Stories, then you know all about them.
If you don't, then let me introduce two of them: from The Skin House - UV Protection Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++ and Sferangs - Clearing T-Care Cream.

I wanted to start with them because I've tested them out when the scorching heat was in full bloom in August, and they've been my BFF's ever since.

This combo was a winner for me this summer. If you have a combination/sensitive/acne prone skin, then you'll be happy to hear that these two maintain the skin hydrated and matte for more than 10 hours. Tested them out on humid and dry weather, extremely hot and really chilly temperatures. Honestly, this summer was the weirdest summer ever. I went from t-shirts during the day, to fluffy warm blankets at night. Almost broke out the autumn jackets once.
Was your summer as weird as mine was?

As you can see, the ingredient list is a dream on this treatment cream. Takes care of already formed pimples, the ones that are about to break out, redness, can even be applied to sensitive, irritated skin and trust me, because of the heat and powerful UV rays, my skin was really irritated a couple of times. I swear, it's like i can't stand in the sun for more then 10 minutes, otherwise i will break out.
I use this every day, before i apply my make-up. And in time, it will adjust sebum secretion. Basically, it does everything it says it will. And have you seen that ingredient list?!

Now, sunscreens are tricky if you don't find the right one for your needs and skin type. Not to mention personal preferences. I, personally, don't like the ones that are hurting my eyes. I want the eye area to be protected too and most eye creams don't have SPF in them. Which is why it is very important to me that sun blocks be gentle with my sensitive skin, whether i apply make-up that day, or not.
Luckily for me, i found my all time favorite from Bioderma and 3 more from korean brands that i get along really well. This one from The Skin House is one of them. The next one is from Coxir, which i'll talk very soon about it because you all went bonkers on Instagram because of it.

Now, the next thing i find to be very important for me, is compatibility with my foundations/cushions. I'm sure you've noticed that some sunscreens leave a white film on the skin and you need to wait a long time before the cream gets completely absorbed. Most women, including myself, do not have the patience nor the time in the morning to wait 30-45 minutes for the sunscreen to be completely absorbed into the skin, so we'll apply what we need that day and be on our merry way. Later, we notice that the foundation is starting to break apart, smudge at the slight touch or simply be gone, whether we do something or not. Don't know about y'all, but i like my make-up to stay right where i put it. On my face!

Hence the compatibility between skincare and the make-up we use.
I never had any problems with this one. Quite the opposite actually. This combo made my skin look good for the whole day i was out.

What are your favorite products when it comes to healing and protecting your skin? Does korean skincare tempt you?
Let me know what products or brands.

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Thank you Coxir, The Skin House and Sferangs for sending my way these products.
They've been a wonderful discovery for me.

Have a lovely day!

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