We are all influencers! - 5 things i learned from experience

by - February 09, 2018


Well, you may wonder why the flippin' heck did i choose to make that statement and why talk about it today. To be honest, i have a lot to say about this new "job" everyone seems to want. And why not have it?

You're your OWN BOSS, have complete control over YOUR content, get paid to talk about things YOU like, make your own HOURS to work and some OPPORTUNITIES are quite something if you know how to make the best out of them. Oh, and of course, have the right connections, duh~

So why not want this "perfect" job: INFLUENCER?!

Well, there are some down sides to this niche as well and the most obvious one is that, it's lonely.
Yes. You read that right! Think of it this way. You have a good friend and together you start vlogging.
One of you, for some reason, gets more and more attention than you, more collabs and more engagement.

So you start thinking: well, we started this thing together because we enjoyed talking about the same things. So why does she have more FOLLOWERS and than i do?
We like the same things, with minor/major differences, so why people are flocking over her channel and mine is ignored?
I spend as much time creating new content, filming, shooting, editing clips and photos, take care of my social media accounts, my blog, my channel, my brand and sponsors etc etc, so why is she more successful than i am?

I could go on and on about this train wreck way of thinking, that is not healthy btw, because you start comparing yourself with another person. We all want to be successful at our jobs and hobbies, and sometimes, our fear of failure is making us desperate, without even realising.
And again, the more we watch someone who's starting to sail away from us on the ship we call SUCCESS, the more we want that for us as well.

People will always want other people to be okay, successful, healthy, have their own slice of heaven, but NEVER more wealthy, more happy or more successful than themselves. Frustration and envy start bubbling up in their head and heart, and that's how people gradually grow appart.
Time, or should i say lack of time, frustration, envy and that feeling of i'm never enough. My work is not enough, my numbers are not enough, other people seem to have so much fun, their life looks so freakin' flawless and i'm a mess. You know that's not true, but you're still riding that wave of doubt.

So we start doing what other people are doing: pretending, thus loosing our personality, our vibe, our creative side and our will to constantly push forward our own content, in our own terms. You know, the one that screams US and nobody else?! Yeah, that one!
In the last few months, i have read so many inspirational books, written by successful people that started just like us, from scratch, with nada. Just their wits and a borrowed 100 bucks.
And the one thing that really struck me is that, no matter their "recipe" of success was, they all had some things in COMMON.

First: get people to TALK about you.

Second: don't lose FOCUS, now that you caught their attention. Keep offering them QUALITY, not quantity. Make yourself SEEN, but don't give them what they ask of you. If you do that, you lose your PERSONALITY and they will move on to somebody else.

Third: once you get your 15 minutes of fame, don't listen to anyone's opinion but your own. Keep your style and keep that good work up.
Haters don't exist, they don't matter and don't answer their nasty comments. Make those damn 15 minutes last 15 years or more. Haters will always be there and the most important thing you should consider doing before you let them bring your moral down, or worse, doubt yourself, is look at all the wonderful things you achieved until now. All the beautiful messages that you saved in your archives and all the people you inspired.

Fourth: don't let FAME get to your head. The second you do that, you lose. Keep yourself grounded and remember where you started from. If you forget that, you might lose everything you gained with your hard work and i'm pretty sure nobody wants to go back to being just a smart ass with a shitload of skills and no money to feed himself.

Fifth, the final and the most important one: nobody plays fair. Nobody!! The thing about social media is that it's constantly CHANGING. Every single day, someone at headquarters is working on something, the new IT, the thing they hope will change the flow of the GAME in their favour.
It's a freakin' jungle and you my dear, need to lose the good-girl-panties, stop moaning about it and strap on some weapons that will help you and YOUR BRAND. That means research and always be on top of the trends.



Now, about the thing i said before. You know, the one with the "i" in it?
Why did i say we are all influencers?!
And what does it really mean? More followers? More collaborations with famous brands? More vacations in exotic places? More famous "friends" to show off, or piggy-back on their "fame"?
Sure, all of the above apply and come with the job description. And big brands do watch their numbers. Whether they're fake or not, doesn't really matter.

Think of it this way: you have 1k and you post amazing, truly breathtaking content, but because of the algorithms, your content is restricted and few people get to see it.

Now take an "influencer" with 10k (or more), BAD content and fake followers, crappy attitude and crappy photos/videos. Does it really matter what kind of content they publish if they're working with the "big boys"? Nope, not really. Well, it's fifty-fifty, depends on what kind of PR the brand hired.
I know, triple face palm, but it's true.
There are ways nowdays to make real accounts follow you, without their consent. Are you hyperventilating now? Hold your horses and listen up.

So they're not really fake if they're real-genuine-posting-almost-every-day accounts, right? Or Facebook groups. Or Instagram pods. Those are real people with real accounts, following other people because they want to increase their followers themselves. It's a win-win situation. Well, except for app owners.

And that is where i wanted to get: a bigger number of followers matters to brands, but it doesn't matter to people (your followers).

Numbers - you talk to your sponsors about them. Big numbers give you opportinities and it's up to you to make the best out of them.

Content - that my dear, is what really matters. It's how you keep your tribe interested.

If you have a load of followers (fake or not) and crappy content that doesn't really say anything about anyone, you lose your engagement.

If you have a load of followers, again fake or not, and GOOD QUALITY content, that inspires other people, that is what will make your numbers go even more higher. That is how you get noticed.

So you see, an influencer can be anyone. Even your mom. She goes to a shop and buys something. The person right next to her is asking if she bought this product before and what are her opinions. They talk and talk some more, then, that person ends up buying said product because it was recommended to him/her.
Thanks to your mom, or friend, or colleague, that brand SOLD their product based on someone else's recommendation. They influenced them! They made them spend their money!

An INFLUENCER is that one person that can sell you ANYTHING they choose to promote, be it a product or service. Whether they have a bigger or smaller following, if they're promoting something and you end up buying it, then you're an influencer. You have helped that brand sell their product!

The difference will always remain in numbers tho'. And connections.
I really hate to admit that, but it's true.
So, network baby! Make yourself known, let people see you and always tickle their fancy with your own personality. You'll get collabs either way. The difference rests in numbers and getting to know the right people. Or kiss their ego to get where you want. That happens sometimes.

Big bad gal influencers, please let me know in the comment section down below how many micro-influencers have tried to "get to know you better"? Well, "friendships" among bloggers/vloggers are a new (old?!) way of getting yourself known to a bigger audience.
Some of it is real, some ...not so much.

Remember, it's a jungle out there and everyone is out for themselves at some point in their career. Keep your priorities, your principles, your character, your i'ma crush these gamers attitude on and your research up to date, and you're set to go.

And yes, i know, this would have been so much easier to talk about in a vlog, but i'm getting there. Turtle speed, but i'm getting there too. Are there even girlies out there that have had the patience to read all of ...this?!

Let me know with what you agree or disagree in the comments down below. I'm really looking forward seeing your thoughts on this matter.

What is an influencer to you? What do you think about people with good content and bought followers versus people with mediocre content and bought followers? Do numbers matter if their content inspires you?

INFLUENCER is just a fancy word people gave to content creators.
Before, they were named GURUS.
I like to call them INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE.
What's next, dunno. Don't really care either.

What i do care about is what story they're choosing to tell me. How they can help me, with their skills and what i can learn or steal from their experience. More often than not, they choose not to share a lot of things, but some of them dare to do that.
It's called giving back to the community. That community that made you reach a higher level of "influencing".

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