essence 12 mandarine bay - Coral manicure

by - September 16, 2017

essence 12 mandarine bay - review - swatch - Malika Colors 52 B, Malika Colors 55 B - coral manicure nail art

Today is saturday and on saturday's, we post nail goodies. I sometimes pop in some challenges with the girls, you know, the easy ones that don't require a lot of talent and dexterity to paint on a tiny nail, because dots are the only thing i'm good at. No joke. Don't laugh. And even those are not exactly perfect.

Anyway, today's challenge was Coral, thus the coral madness that invaded today's timeline on Instagram and Facebook.

I must admit that i never, ever wore such a crazy color in my life, this is my first time and to be honest, i would rather wear Moulin Rouge, that glittery hot mess that's on my ring finger, instead of this bright coral. I think i'm going to give mandarine bay to somebody else who might enjoy it better that i do.

essence 12 mandarine bay - review - swatch - Malika Colors 52 B, Malika Colors 55 B - coral manicure nail art

Now that i'm looking at these photos, i think some water decals or some gold mermaid, stars or sea shells decorations would have completed this mani, or at least make it more interesting. It's so ordinary and those dots are no way near perfect. Okay, okay, i'm going to stop criticizing my work now, but still, i feel i should have changed some things. Right?

And yes, i adore that glittery nail polish (Moulin Rouge) and i think i'm going to wear it a lot this fall, especially with a dark green or emerald. It just screams fall to me. Not red, not exactly copper and has some very fine gold shimmer in it. Yep, ladies and gentleman, we have a new favorite here!

essence 12 mandarine bay - review - swatch - Malika Colors 52 B, Malika Colors 55 B - coral manicure nail art

I used: / Am folosit:
- essence 12 mandarine bay
- Malika Colors 52 B Abu Dhabi 24K  (for dots)
- Malika Colors 55 B Moulin Rouge (ring finger)

Now let's see what the other girls did in this challenge:
1. Eva Luna -
2. Oana - 
3. Madalina -
4. Sophie - 
5. Cristina-
6. Emi-
7. Deyutza -
8. Claudia -
9. Raluca Denise -

essence 12 mandarine bay - review - swatch - Malika Colors 52 B, Malika Colors 55 B - coral manicure nail art

This coral may not be one of my favorite colors, but it sure reminds me of summer. You guys know i'm not a big fan of heat, but when i think about the weather that's about to come, that rainy, gray, cold and melancholic weather, i'll try to keep summer at least on my nails.
Or sweaters. Candles? Scarves would do. :))

What do you guys think about this combination? Would you wear it? Would you not? Would you change something or wear it as it is? Feel free to give me your best opinion in the comments down below, i promise i will agree with you.

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