Japan Candy Box + Giveaway

by - July 26, 2017

Hello lovelies~

A while ago i showed you guys what i received in my Kawaii Box and you all loved it's cute contents.
The same company who makes these pretty boxes, sent me one of their Japan Candy Boxes to try it out and give my opinion about it as well.

To be honest, this box would be perfect for children, to try it out with their parents because there are so many cute things in there. Also, every single box contains a mini kit for the little ones to make their own cakes, pizza, or whatever they receive in that month's box.

As you can see, this box was filled with a lot treats for children: biscuits with milk, honey, a lot of berry flavours, lemon, grape flavored candies - those were my favorite actually. Wish i could find them here as well, because OMG~ they were melting in my mouth. I need more of those :))

Okay, so i tried! I really tried to make this mini cake look presentable, but the lack of an english translation, definitely gave me a headache. Some things were kinda self explanatory, some were not, so i tried to figure out how to do it myself. I messed up only once: instead of putting two cups of water, i only put one and the big pudding turned out a little floppy.
Later on, i searched for a tutorial to see where i did wrong and found this one here.
I think these mini-kits are so adorable, kawaii, so fun to try it together with your child.
The result, well, you can see it in my pictures. How did it turn out? Yay or nay? :))

So, what say you kawaii lovers, would you like to receive this cute box filled with goodies?

Have a lovely day!

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