Althea Makeup Magic Box - korean products unboxing review

by - July 10, 2017

Althea Makeup Magic Box - korean products unboxing review

Hello my lovelies~
It's been a while since i posted an unboxing on my blog. Actually, i think this is an unboxing/haul/first impressions kinda post, because i already did a mini-unboxing on my insta-stories when i first received the goodies and you all loved it. I really wasn't expecting that kind of feedback, but in doing so, you all gave me so many good ideas about what you want to see next with these wonderful products. One of them was (thank you Alexandra), to do a european vs korean make-up post.

I asked you guys if you wanted to see that on my blog and you all showed interest. So, my next post will be half face using only european/american make-up products vs half face using only korean products. Of course, i can't wait to show what i prepared, but until then, i will talk about the lovely products i received in my beauty box from Althea. You can find all of their trendy boxes here, at special prices. You didn't hear it from me, but the Mermaid Box and B-day Make-up Box were ah-mazing!

The thing i love most about Althea's beauty boxes, is that they have themes and you actually get to see what you're receiving inside the box. Needles to say that everything arrived super fast, probably, no definitely, the fastest package i received from within Asia EVER.

Yes, i needed to say that out loud and with caps-lock because i usually wait 3 to 4 weeks to receive my press samples from Korea and/or Japan, and this time, i only waited a week. Imagine waking up with the delivery man at your door, giving you a pink parcel, in a week. And it was pink. Pink!
Oh, and the beauty box was so sleek, with pretty pink pastel colors and the lovely korean products inside.
You all know i'm a sucker for pretty packaging. That thing is not going to change anytime soon.

Oh God, this sounds like such a super paid post, but it isn't, i swear. I just received these products to try out, but the way they dealt with the delivery, the packaging, the sales, even the PR was nice and helpful.
It is very rare to for me to bump into such good people and i feel that nobody ever says anything about them. Actually, nobody ever says anything about them period. We all jump up and down whenever something goes sideways, but nobody stops a little to show their appreciation to the people that work at that company, and say a little "you rock guys!". We only make a big deal only if it's something bad.
So there you go, nice people at Althea! I said it and nobody paid me to do it. 😜

W.lab Color Master Cover Kit - korean products - review swatch

Okay, enough rambling now. Let's talk about the goodies.
First things first, the color correcting palette. This one is from the brand W.Lab and it's called Color Master Cover Kit. Do not confuse this brand with W7 from UK, like someone else did.

Lavender/Lilac Cream - Neutralizes yellow undertones

Green Cream - Neutralizes red areas: acne, broken capillaries, rosacea, sun burn.

Yellow Cream - Neutralizes blue and brown dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Peach Cream - Neutralizes blue and purple under-eye circles on fair/medium skin.

Pink Cream - Brightens: highlight eye area to mask fatigue. Good for blue-ish, brown-ish dark circles.
Just pop some pink cream exactly on your dark area, let it dry a little, and on top of that, apply concealer. If you really suffer from deep dark circles, this will definitely cover everything up, if nothing else works for you. Just remember to give it a little time to the cream to actually set and dry on your skin, before you apply your next layer. I always use this colour on people who have scars or really deep dark circles.

Dark brown with cool undertone - for contouring, duh.

Orange/Red Cream - Neutralizes blue/purple under-eye circles on darker skin, veins and tattoos.

The most used colors are green and yellow. At least for me, these are the colors i need the most, to cover up my red spots and my well deserved dark eye circles. I feel like a panda already! 🐼

I love the fact that the people who made this palette didn't waste much packaging, with fancy stuff that we really don't need. The pans have enough cream in them, the case is made from a hard plastic that shuts tight and you don't risk opening it by mistake in your make-up bag.
It's travel friendly because is small, 7 or 8 cm give or take, and the creams blend well on my skin.
And the most important thing i should definitely mention, is that they didn't break me out. Hallelujah~

the SAEM Eco Soul Contour Palette - korean products - review swatch

If we talked about how to correct our skin imperfections, let talk about contouring now. 'cuz we all love to hide that double chin and draw some cheekbones on our face, right?

This palette is my second favorite from the bunch. I mean, i love all of them, but with this palette, it was love at first sight. Sorry~
I'm sure you all noticed in my previous make-up posts, that i'm not really into that instagram contouring.
I preffer something more natural. Defined, but diffused, healthy and young. That kind of highlight & contour i love to use on me and on every person i apply make-up onto.

This palette is good for travelling as well, and you can apply your contour more suble or more intense, however you like. At first, this reminded me of Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin palette, but the Eco Soul Contour Palette from the SAEM is so much better because you have the colors separated.

The highlighter has a medium intensity, but if you apply a second or a third layer, you'll get that seen-from-space glow that even aliens from another galaxy can see. No worries there!

Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Cheek Color nr 4 - the SAEM Eco Soul Contour Palette - korean products- review swatch

The next thing is this cute blush from Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Cheek color, in number 4.
It's a pretty pink-peach color, perfect for that innocent look korean women love.
It's a look i actually love too, so double win for me. Yay!

Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Cheek Color nr 4 - korean products - review swatch

a;t Black Tea Fantasy Holic lip & cheek designer in the colour Rose Beige - korean products - review swatch (6)

Hahah, remember this lippie from my insta-stories? We all laughed because we didn't know how to pronounce this brand. Well, i did some digging and then i died from the jealousy.

a;t  is actually pronounced Afternoon Tea, and it's a themed cafe located in Hongdae, Korea.
It is officially called Afternoon Tea Time Fox Beauty Cafe (a;t fox Beauty Cafe). Yes, foxes are a big thing in Korea now. Thank IU for that. :))
So, a;t fox is a beauty cafe and you know there are a lot of themed cafes throughout Asia, especially in Korea and Japan. You can sit down, drink your afternoon tea, eat a cake and look at their skincare and cosmetics lines. I saw that they have a homeware section as well, so more shopping for cute stuff.
Also, if you drink tea there, you can get free make-up from the staff there.
And that is how you make money people!

They have three lines that are based on the concept of tea: Black Tea, Jasoyup Tea and Gyoolpy Tea, and you can try them out in their special powder room.
Oh, how i long to try out their TEACELL Ampoule or their bb cushion, or their Tea Toc Water range.
They have a subtle smell of tea and they're made with natural ingredients.

The finish on this lip & cheek lippie is semi matte, and on my lips, it looks more like they're stained, rather than a glossy finish, like i expected. I love it!

It's Skin Babyface creamy lipliner nr 2 - a;t Black Tea Fantasy Holic lip & cheek designer in the colour Rose Beige - korean products -review swatch (7)

It's Skin Babyface creamy lipliner nr 2 - korean products - review swatch (8)

The next one is a product from a brand i like, especially for their skincare products.
It's Skin Babyface Creamy lipliner in number 02 - it is indeed a creamy lipliner, that comes with a brush.
I didn't like the color on this one at first because it looked a little orange on my skin.
On my lips, it looks better.

Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact 1 ssum light - korean products - review swatch

Remember when i said about that contour palette that it was my 2nd favorite?
Well lovelie, you just found out my favorite.
Beauty People Flash Pearl Pigment Pact in the first shade 01 ssum light.

It's a super pigmented pressed pigment and has a mousse-gel-something texture. It's very hard to explain, but it doesn't make a mess at all. You see that first swatch? I barely touched the pigment and look at that pigmentation. Also, i only cropped the photo a little because i didn't want to leave the whole hand in the picture, but let's just imagine that the entire hand was completely covered in glitter, with whatever was left on my finger from the swatch. And after i covered my hand, i still had some left.  :))
It's hilarious!! I'm never going to finish this eyeshadow ever, even if i use it every single day, 'cuz i only need a tiny bit. Unless i want to look like a sparkly unicorn.

Also, you definitely need a base, a primer, something sticky to catch this pigment. Because of it's moussey-gel-like texture, it will set in the crease. Other than that, you're good to go.

Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact 1 ssum light - korean products - review swatch

Etude House My Beauty Tool Eyelashes - 01 Longlash - korean products - review swatch

Last but not least, we have to finish our look with some falsies. I love the fact that they sent me the natural ones, from Etude House My Beauty Tool Eyelashes - 01 Longlash, and they also come with a little tube with eyelash glue. Handy for when you're travelling!

Althea Makeup Magic Box - korean products unboxing review

These are all the products i received in my Makeup Magic Box from Althea. Did you girls tried out any of these products and if so, what did you think about them? Do you have any recommendations for me?
You can leave your opinions in the comment box down below.
Take care lovelies! Don't forget to smile, apply sunscreen and enjoy your summer holidays.

Have a lovely day!

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