essence 38 love is in the air - Dot manicure

by - May 13, 2017

May is usually my month, the month i celebrate my birthday and my name day, so i took a break from everything. I wanted to disconnect from my social life and my online life as well, and just rest. It was hard, let me tell ya', it was really hard at the beginning. But if you have someone dear by your side to slap your hand every time you try to pick up your phone or your bullet journal, you can make it out alive and well.
So it was quiet. It was peaceful, quiet, and i was able to enjoy things to the fullest. And that's what i want for you, beautiful people as well, to stop a moment and enjoy things, stop stressing out, and try to always see the full part of the glass.

Cum luna asta am inceput-o bine, cu ziua mea de nastere, mi-am permis sa-mi iau o pauza de la toate. Sa ma deconectez de la viata sociala si la cea din online, si pur si simplu sa ma odihnesc. A fost greu, admit, pentru ca ideile imi rasunau in minte si parca aveam un chef si un spor, cum mai rar apuc sa am in general.
Cred ca este important sa avem si pe cineva langa noi, care sa ne dea peste manuta de fiecare data cand intindem mana spre telefon sau bullet journal. Asa ca a fost liniste. Liniste si bine, iar asta va doresc la toti. Sa aveti parte de oameni frumosi, veselie, si sa vedeti mereu numai partea plina a paharului.

What i used:
- Avon Nail Experts 5 in 1 nail treatment
- essence 38 love is in the air as a base
- essence 19 indigo to go
- essence 21 a whisper of spring
- Golden Rose nail polish - a beautiful rose-lilac shade, that unfortunately, i lost the number
- dotting tool and a couple of bedazzling lilac stones
- no topcoat
Majoritatea nuantelor folosite azi, le gasiti si pe 1001 Cosmetice.

Since last week i was on a mini-hiatus because of my birthday, i didn't get the chance to post my article, at the same time with my collab girls. The theme was Sunset nails, and i solemnly swear that i completely suck at painting on my nails. I really don't know how these girls on instagram do it. The skill and patience to draw on a 3 cm nail, is really wow~
Kudos to all the nail artists out there! 💖

Cum saptamana trecuta am fost plecata de ziua mea, n-am mai apucat sa postez manichiura impreuna cu fetele. Tema a fost Sunset/Apus, iar eu, cu mana pe inima spun cu voce tare ca n-am pic de talent la pictat pe unghiute. Chiar nu stiu cum fetele astea pe care le urmaresc pe instagram, au atata dexteritate si atata rabdare sa picteze pe 3 cm de unghiuta.
Kudos to all the nail artists out there! 💖

Nu uitati sa treceti si pe la fete:
Claudia -
Oana - 
Deyutza -
Mihaela - 
Andra Kat- 
Madalina -
Emi -
Gabi - 
Sophie -
Cristina -
Camelia -
Raluca Denise -
Eva Luna -
Mădălina -

ENG: I hope you enjoyed this model and i'm curious if you'd wear a happy, dotted manicure, like i just made?

RO: Sper ca v-a placut modelul de azi, si astept cu drag parerea voastra. Ati purta pe unghiute un model punctat, la fel de vesel?
Have a lovely day!


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