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by - February 12, 2017

💞 ENG:
Japanese and korean thingies, all super cute, all super kawaii, wrapped up in a pink box even more cute - sign me up, please! ^_^
I'm sure everyone has heard by now of this popular concept, a subscription box. We have some in Romania also, not as great as the international ones, but we're getting there.
The pink box i'm presenting today is called Kawaii Box, and i received it in a month, at the local post office.

💞 RO:
Chestiute si chestioare japoneze si coreene, super dragalase, super kawaii, toate puse intr-o cutie si mai dragalasa - sign me up, please! ^_^
Sunt sigura ca ati auzit pana acum de conceptul subscription boxes. Avem si noi cateva in tara, ce-i drept, nu atat de fenomenale ca si cele internationale, dar ajungem noi acolo. Am incredere! ^_^
Cutiuta roz de azi se numeste Kawaii Box, pe care am primit-o intr-o luna, la posta locala.

💞 ENG:
To receive a box like this, you need to subscribe first. Every box has 10-12 products each and one or two products are always something delicious to eat. I received this time Meiji Panda biscuit sticks, they're kind of like a Pocky DIY.

To be honest, this Kawaii Box is not too big, but i found myself picking up things from it and wondered how on earth did they manage to fit everything inside? :))

💞 RO:
Ca sa puteti primi si voi o cutie de genul, trebuie sa va abonati pe site, iar fiecare cutie are intre 10-12 produse, iar unul sau doua din ele, este intotdeauna comestibil. Eu am primit de data asta doar un singur produs delicios, Meiji Panda biscuit sticks, dar nu ma plang. Paharelul era destul de maricel si mi-a ajuns doua zile din el. Sunt un fel de Pocky DIY.

Sincer, cutia nu este chiar atat de mare, asa ca am ramas oleaca surprinsa pentru ca tot scoteam chestiute din ea, si mai nu terminam. :))

💞 ENG:
I received 11 products, all wrapped up in a thin paper, with cute pink dots and the Kawaii Box logo printed on it. Now let's talk about all the products inside the box.
The Panda calendar is really, really cute and useful, decorated with little animals and funny quotes. The panda and his friends sit nicely on my desk ever since i received them. The little pastel erasers shaped like biscuits are really cute, but i don't have the heart to use them. One side looks like an oreo and the other one, has an emoticon. The nail decorations for nails or phones, or whatever you want to use them for, comes with a pair of tweezers and a nail file. I can't wait to play with them!
The Okitoki flashlight is small, but strong, and the light somehow resembles a flower when turned on.
The stickers can be used on phones, laptops, notebooks, or wherever you want to stick them onto. Also, super kawaii!
💗2017 Panda Calendar
💗Pastel Cookie Erasers
💗Dessert Sticker Sheet
💗Petit Nail Art Set
💗Popcorn Super LED Mini Light
💞 RO:
Eu am primit 11 produse, toate invelite intr-o hartie subtire, cu logo-ul Kawaii Box si bulinute roz imprimate pe ea. Acum haideti sa vorbim si de produsele primite.
Calendarul Panda este foarte, foarte dragalas si util, decorat cu animalute si citate amuzante. Inca de cand l-am primit, isi are locul de onoare pe birou. Gumitele de sters in forma de biscuiti pastelati nu cred ca le voi folosi pentru ca sunt mult prea dragalase. Pe o parte se afla un model gen oreo, pe celalta, un emoticon. Setul cu decoratiuni pentru unghiute sau telefoane, are si el destule pietricele, iar unele sunt chiar interesante. Abia astept sa vi le arat intr-o postare. Lanterna Okitoki este micuta si utila, mai ales cand se intrerupe curentul in bloc si trebuie sa urc pe scari. E chiar foarte puternic LED-ul si lumineaza intr-o ...floare?! Modelul seamana destul de mult cu o floricica, dar nu stiu daca de popcorn. :))
Stickerele merg puse pe telefon, laptop, agende, sau pe unde vreti voi. Super kawaii si ele!

💞 ENG:
A Good Morning Pill Box where you can put your medicine, candies, jewelry, or whatever you need stored. The compartment tray can be taken out and you got an even bigger box to store what your need in your bag. A cute mint colored pen and a macaroon box where i put my earphones so i won't lose them in my bag.
Also, we get a glitter washi tape set - who doesn't love washi tape? 💖 There are so many ways you can use this tape: decorating your planner, for scrapbooking, for presents or greeting cards, a photo frame, phones or laptops, etc.
And of course, Sumikko. Sumikko Gurashi is a cute plushie and the translation would be "living in a corner". It refers to the people who like to keep to themselves, introverts, shy. Sumikko is the newest member of the San-X family - Rilakkuma, Tarepanda, Hoshikuma, Mamegoma, Kyoo Usa etc.
Oh, i love Mamegoma! 💕

💗Good Morning Mini Box
💗Sweet Kokeshi Pen
💗Cute Deco Tape Set
💗Meiji Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks With Sprinkles
💗Sumikko Gurashi Plushie
💗Macaron Kawaii Keychain
💞 RO:
O cutiuta de medicamente sau de bombonele, bijuterii sau ce vreti voi sa va puneti in ea. Un pix intr-o nuanta frumoasa de mint, si o prajiturica macaron care poate fi atasata de chei, geanta sau ce vreti voi. Eu imi pun castile in ea, sa nu le mai pierd prin geanta.
Un set de glitter washi tape - cine nu iubeste washi tape? 💖 Sunt atatea modalitati in care poate fi folosita: pentru scrapbooking, agende, plannere, decorarea unui cadou sau a unei felicitari, a unei rame foto, a telefonului, a tastaturii, etc.
Si bineinteles, Sumikko. Sumikko Gurashi este o chestie tare pufoasa si moale, iar traducerea mot-a-mot ar fi "care traieste intr-un colt". Se refera la oamenii introvertiti, timizi, la cei care prefera compania persoanelor cu care se simt mai confortabil. Sumikko este cel mai nou membru din familia San-X - Rilakkuma, Tarepanda, Hoshikuma, Mamegoma, Kyoo Usa etc. Oh, i love Mamegoma! 💕

I hope you enjoyed this post as well! What say you, kawaii lovers, would you like to receive this cute box?
Sper ca a fost pe placul vostru aceasta postare! Ce spuneti, v-ar tenta o cutie de genul?
Have a lovely day!

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