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by - December 23, 2016

Setting aside the fact that tea is wonderful not just for our peace of mind and soul, tea is also very good for our body. I know we all hear over and over again that what we eat, it shows on our skin, but it's true. Trust me, been there and now i'm way over it.
It all starts from within.
Before we jump straight to this magical potion we call tea, we have to talk about water. A chinese philosopher once said that there are sixteen stages of boiling water, where as in Russia, there were known only three. The funny thing is that these days, asians are calling these stages "eyes", as in "shrimp eyes", "crab eyes", etc, because of the funny shapes that us, the Westerners, never notice. It's kind of like a recipe that they pass down in their families, the knowledge of some basic rules that they apply to their cooking. I don't know how many of you are interested in asian culture, but they rarely use recipes. Even in k-dramas, you can see the actors how they're watching the water before they drop the ingredients in their ramyeon, or whatever they're making.

There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation.  -Lin Yutang
Based on the manufacturing process, there are four types of tea: black tea, green tea, red tea and yellow tea. Also, we can notice on the labels some distinguishing letters, such as:
  • T (tippy) - highest quality grade, denotes a large proportion of golden tips present in the tea; sometimes you'll see a number (1) at the end to indicate the very finest
  • F (flowery) - tea with long leaves and a few tips of young buds
  • F (fannings, fines or dust) - they're mainly used in blends for tea bags; also produces a very strong brew
  • O (orange) - this is sometimes mistaken to mean that the tea has been infused with orange, but the word is unrelated to the tea's flavor. It has more to do with the (1.) The Dutch House of Orange-Nassau, now the royal family, and (2.) the orange, copper-ish color produced by the oxidized leaf before drying
  • B (broken) - cut or broken leaves
  • G (golden) - high-quality tea, golden infusion
  • P (pekoe) - young, short and rough leaves; it's also the most affordable from all the quality teas
  • S (souchong) - this is a term most used for smoked teas and large, rough leaves, rolled unevenly lengthwise
  • Orthodox or Leaf Tea, Blended and Pure - well, they're kinda self explanatory
And many other combinations, but these are the most used ones.
A joke among tea lovers is that "FTGFOP" stands for "Far Too Good For Ordinary People". Gotta say, i agree! :))

Green Tea
This tea does not only protect our skin from free radicals, but it can help repair UV damage too. Green tea is probably the most used and drinked tea out there because it has the ability to restore dying skin cells and promote the healthy ones. Also, a warm bath of your hair can help stimulate hair growth too.

Black Tea
It's been a really long time since i last drank a good cup of coffee, and i can only thank black tea for that. High in caffeine, it's a good replacement for the good ol' coffee.

Red Bush Tea, or commonly known as Rooibos. Can be used to treat a lot of skin conditions, especially for those with eczema and acne problems.

Ginger Tea
When that cold is threatening to ruin your next days, drink some ginger tea. You can even spot it in skincare products because of it's anti-inflammatory power. So, good for skin, especially those with redness problems, good for digestion, and it helps our immune system too.

White Tea
It's probably the least processed type of tea and has even more antioxidants than green tea.
Anti-aging properties, helps prevent the increased levels of MMP (matrix metalloproteinases or matrixins), from decreasing collagen in our skin.

Made from fermented black tea, it's perfect for a detox. Contains plenty of probiotics and antioxidants, gives you a boost of energy, helps with digestion and it's good for reducing those fine lines.

This tea is served in a very elaborate japanese ceremony. Fresh green tea, lots of antioxidants and natural antibiotics. I've seen Matcha powder used more and more in skincare products (see Origins Rituali Tea Matcha Madness). A powerful tea, good for inside and outside.

Dandelion Tea
This is more known for it's cleansing properties. Full of antioxidants and immune enhancing properties, and aside from helping our skin, it also helps our digestion.

This powerful brew, full of antioxidants, with benefits from both black and green tea, can improve the condition of our skin and protect it from sun damage and smoking.
This is too strong for my taste, but good nonetheless for a detox.

Jasmine Tea
It's my current favorite, you can even spot it in my pictures. Such a lovely scent, so tasty, but it also has antibacterial properties to keep my immune system healthy. It treats skin conditions by reducing oil production and balancing hormones.

Chamomile Tea
Whenever i'm really stressed and/or nervous, and i can't sleep, i drink some chamomile tea. After 15 minutes, bye-bye worries, bye-bye sheeps~
This tea does not only have calming qualities, it's also full of quercetin (yellow crystalline pigment present in plants that gives our immune system a boost).

Let me know in the comments down below which tea is your all time favorite and which is your most drinked one. Also, i hope this post was somehow useful! If it was, i think i'll continue posting articles like this.
Have a lovely day!


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