Avon Shine Burst lipstick review and swatch

by - August 29, 2016

If we're going to make liquid lipsticks and put them in a lipgloss tube, why not make glosses and put them in a lipstick tube? I think that's what went on in their heads when they made this range.
As usual, i call them like i see them. As much as i adored the all matte lipstick range, i'm really not a big fan of this Shine Burst range.
However, i do love the packaging. Yes, it's plastic, but with a metallic finish. I really hope it won't peel off over time. I only bought one lippie (Peach Punch) because i wanted to see first with what i'm dealing with here. Unfortunately, i had some problems with my order this time and i didn't get three shades. Sorry about that, but i'll show the two colors that got mixed up too, because they're really pretty. A littel patience now!

Now, i want to say why i'm not so head over heels about this new range. First of all, the lipstick broke. And no, i'm not talking about "put them in the fridge" or "it's way too hot outside" kind of problem. I'm talking about their texture. The lipstick looks a little bit dry in the bullet, but once it gets into contact with the warmth of your lips, it glides on like a dream, and has a creamy feeling and it's really shiny. Just like a lipgloss. And because it's a hybrid lipstick/lipgloss, the actual product won't stay in the bullet because it's melts really fast. I barely swatched these colors because the samples kept breaking, and i'm really careful every time i apply the lipstick.
However . . .i do love the fact that they're not sticky like a lip gloss. I mean, the glossiness is there, but the stickiness isn't! And the way they feel on the lips, so easy, soft, velvet like. Even after i remove the lipstick, my lips feel so hydrated and soft. It really does deserve a plus for that!

As for wearing the lippie on it's own, you might want to try a lip pencil first. Some shades bleed and some apply unevenly. We have creamy shades (like Iced Mocha, Rose, Peach Punch), some have a subtle shimmer in them (Dragonfruit Pink, Honeysuckle), some have glitter like Nude Shine, and some apply unevenly like Plum Shock. This is the only color that doesn't apply well, but over a purple or burgundy pencil, i'm guessing it would look more acceptable.
Daca tot facem rujuri lichide si le punem in tuburi de lipgloss, de ce sa nu facem si rujuri care seamana cu un gloss? Cam pe ideea asta cred ca au mers cei de la Avon cand au conceput rujurile astea.
Ca intotdeauna, imi spun parerea sincera. Pe cat de mult am iubit rujurile din gama mata, pe atat de mult imi displac acestea din gama Shine Burst.
In schimb, ador ambalajul. Este de plastic, cu efect metalizat. Sper sa nu se cojeasca in timp pentru ca imi place tubuletul asta prea mult. Mi-am luat doar nuanta Peach Punch, si restul mostre ca sa vad ce si cum sta treaba cu fiecare.
Din pacate, am avut ceva probleme la comanda asta si nu mi-au ajuns trei nuante. In schimb, am primit alte doua, din game diferite, pe care vi le voi arata mai jos. Oleaca de rabdare!

Acum sa va zic de ce nu m-a entuziasmat gama asta. In primul rand, sunt foarte moi si se rup. Nope, nu ma refer la faptul ca "tine-le in frigider" sau "e prea cald afara", si-o sa fie mai bine. Ma refer la textura lor. Par un pic uscate in tub, dar pe masura ce aplici rujul pe buze, in contactul cu pielea, devine foarte lucios si cremos. Adica se inmoaie foarte repede. Abia-abia am reusit sa swatch-uiesc nuantele pentru ca mi s-au rupt mostrele, iar cu rujul am mare grija cand ma dau. Nope, prea mult stres pentru aplicarea unui ruj!
In schimb . . .imi place faptul ca sunt nu sunt atat de lipicioase ca un gloss. The glossiness is there, but the stickiness isn't! Si felul cum se simte pe buze, am o senzatie foarte placuta, usoara, catifelata. Chiar si cand indepartez rujul, buzele se simt foarte moi si hidratate. Merita un plus pentru asta!

Clar, sub rujurile astea trebuie aplicat neaparat un creion de buze, pentru ca unele nuante curg, iar unele intra intre cutele buzelor. Avem si nuante cremoase (ca Iced Mocha, Rose, Peach Punch), unele cu shimmer subtil (Dragonfruit Pink, Honeysuckle), dar avem si nuante cu sclipci, gen Nude Shine, si nuante care nu se vad prea okay aplicate direct (Plum Shock). De fapt, Plum Shock se aplica cel mai urat dintre toate. Peste un creion mov sau burgundy cred ca ar arata super, dar simplu, nope! Chiar e pacat de nuanta.

Avon Shine Burst lipstick review and swatch

ENG: I mentioned earlier that some of my samples got mixed up and now i'm going to show them too, because the colors are really pigmented and they apply so well and even. I'm talking about Avon Ultra Color Bold - Rapid Rose and Avon Ultra Color Absolute - Tender Mauve. If Rapid Rose isn't exactly what i would normally wear, Tender Mauve is a beautiful ashy mauve color, with cool undertone. I'm definitely going to buy this full size!

RO: Am zis mai sus ca mi-au venit doua mostre gresite, iar acum a venit vremea sa vi le arat si pe astea pentru ca nuantele sunt destul de pigmentate si aplica foarte frumos pe buze.
Este vorba despre Avon Ultra Color Bold - Rapid Rose, si Avon Ultra Color Absolute - Tender Mauve. Daca Rapid Rose nu prea e pe gustul meu, Tender Muave este superb! O nuanta ashy, mauve, cu subton rece, exact pe sufletelul meu. La urmatoarea comanda il pun si pe asta pe lista pentru ca trebuie!

Later edit:

ENG: Now i have the other three missing colors: Vivid Cherry, Strawberry Blush, Raspberry Glaze.
I think Vivid Cherry is the only color from the bunch that applies on really well, even without a lip pencil underneath. On my next order, i'll put on an extra Iced Mocha and Vivid Cherry for me, and a Rose for my mom. Rose is like a coloured lip balm.

RO: Am facut rost si de celelalte trei nuante: Vivid Cherry, Strawberry Blush, Raspberry Glaze.
Cred ca Vivid Cherry este singura nuanta din turma care se aplica frumos, chiar si fara un creion de buze. La urmatoarea comanda voi adauga Iced Mocha & Vivid Chery pentru mine, si Rose pentru maman. Rose este mai mult un balsam de buze colorat.

ENG: That's all for today. I hope you found this post useful and as usual, feedback is always welcome. Would you or would you not try out this lipstick? Which shade is your favorite?

RO: Asta a fost tot pe ziua de azi. Sper ca a fost utila postarea si abia astept sa-mi spuneti parerea voastra despre rujuletele astea. Le-ati cumpara sau nu? Ce nuante preferati?

Have a lovely day!


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