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by - February 03, 2016

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Some say that you need talent to do an absolutely flawless make-up look on somebody. Some say that the high-end make-up helps a lot, or the right tools can work the magic. But let's be honest here!! No matter how much talent you have in one area, without practice, you're gonna get rusty and maybe, just maybe, you are going to miss out on some great opportunities.
You don't need talent if you practice until you can't get it wrong, and you don't need high-end make-up or super expensive tools if you know what you're doing. As i always say and i'm pretty sure you can all notice in my previous make-up looks, i like to enhance someone's beauty, rather than transform them. It's okay to cover up the imperfections, like acne scars, but it's not okay to make that person wonder who the heck is that? after you're all done with their make-up. Unless you're doing an editorial or a halloween look~
Personally, i like that classic beauty, the timeless one. You can't go wrong with that, regardless of what event you're attending.
Sure, having the right tools makes it much more easier to get things done *and fast*, in spite of what make-up brand you're using, high-end, mid-end or drugstore. I like to think that there is no low-end, only virtually unknown brands.
I'm saying all of this because i see more and more girls being absolutely obsessed with certain brands, even though some of their products are not that brilliant. A high-end brand and a drugstore one does have amazing products, as well as . . .let's just call them failed projects. In the end, you end up paying for the brand and not the actual product, which is kinda dumb by the way. I mean no offence to anyone, it's just my personal opinion.
Okay, now that i've got that out of my chest, let's continue with the actual subject for today: make-up brushes. And multiple uses for them.

Fan brush -> A fan brush can come in various sizes and can be used for many things. You can use it to clean up your eyeshadow fallout or excess powder, and you can contour and highlight with it. Most people ditch this brush, i use it to highlight. It's perfect!

Powder brush -> The most common mistake made by women: you drag that powder brush back and forth, around your face and move your concealer and foundation. You should try instead tapping it or pressing gently, but don't drag it. Girl, you worked hard to even out your skin, don't ruin it when you're almost done!

Blush brush -> The blush brush is used for well, your blush. But if you can find a really good one, you can ditch the powder one and use this instead. It comes in handy especially if you're traveling. I mean, use it for powder, then contour, blush and highlighter. Ah-mazing~
The angled blush brush is perfect for defining your cheek bones, while the medium size or small one allows more precision.

Stippling brush -> This one too can present itself in different sizes. You can use the small one to buff that concealer and to slightly contour your feature, or you can use the big one with your cream or liquid foundation. Personally, i love to apply my cream blush with a stippling brush, for that airbrushed look.

Tapered foundation brush -> Honestly, i rarely use this one and mostly because i like bb cushions a lot. When i'm using a foundation, i go for the buffing brush or a beauty blender, but i know some girls like this tapered brush and you can use it for concealer, as well as a liquid foundation for a natural, light to medium coverage.

Blending tip brush -> When i say smokey eye, i think blending. We all need a soft dome brush to easily blend any harsh lines, to define that crease, or to blend that eyeshadow in the outer V or corner of the eye. Many girls say that the smokey eye is really easy to recreate, but if you're taking pictures that day, even the smallest hair will pop out in the photograph. It may look okay to you in the mirror, but just to be sure, snap a quick photo and see for yourself that your blending is not that perfect as you thought it was. Girl, blend those harsh lines, you'll thank me later! ;)

Fluffy brush -> The good for everything brush. You can soften the edges, you can swipe the color all over your lid, to contour the crease and/or to highlight. We need the fluffy brush. We need many fluffy brushes.

Flat eyeshadow/concealer brush -> You can use the flat tapered eyeshadow brush for packing on the pigment/eyeshadow, or to use it with concealer under eyes, around the nose and mouth area. You can even clean up around your lips after you applied a statement lipstick, for that sharp profi look.

Lip brush -> Great for lipsticks and concealer.

Precision concealer brush -> Self explanatory. For example, to apply a color correcting concealer, like a green one on your red spots. You can even use it with a cake eyeliner or a gel one to create that sharp wing.

Smudger brush -> Soften up the eyeliner for that gorgeous smokey look.

Flat brush -> You can either use it to tightline the water line, or use eyeshadow as a liner, fill in brows, use with concealer or lipstick. Basically create sharp lines or correct stuff that needs to be corrected.

Angled liner brush -> Mostly used to fill in brows or with a gel eyeliner. Sometimes with lipstick or concealer for that sharp, flawless lip look.

Eyeliner brush -> A very useful trick that i learned a while ago: you can take this brush, dip it in a concealer and put it exactly on your red spots. You know, some of those buggers show up even after you applied your foundation, and to avoid a heavy and dotted make-up look, just use this brush and put some concealer exactly in that red spot. Or if you're using a green concealer *to neutralize the red*, even better. You're absolutely mess free and of course, you can use this brush for your gel or cake eyeliners. The good ol' "skinny" brush! :))

Brow brushes -> It's kinda self explanatory, right? We need brows. Not the "angry" brows, but the natural ones. The ones that give us that youthful look, because looking young and not angry is always good. Brows can change your game swag so take good care of them.

And that's about it! Were these tips useful? Let me know if you like posts like this one and i'll make sure to make more.

Even though they're not from a known brand, these brushes have surprised me with their quality. And i'm also curious of how many snobs i have around here. Would you buy these brushes even though they're not branded, but their quality and durability is quite decent? Brand or quality? Which would you choose if you really-really had to? Me, i don't really care as long as the brushes don't shed or i'll end up with the handle in my hand. I always take good care of my "soldiers" and i'm more interested in quality.
I also love the brush holder. It's really sturdy and it has a beautiful model on the front part. I've been using these brushes for more than five months now and i have absolutely no complain. If someone is interested, i have a coupon code which i wrote at the top of this post.
As usual, let me know what you think. I love your feedback!
Have a lovely day!

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