Review Irresistible Me Hair Extensions or How to give your hair more volume

by - January 11, 2016

A while ago, i posted on facebook and instagram two pics with my hair *this one and this one*. Something was different and yet, nobody knew exactly what i changed. Not even my friends. Don't know if i should be offended or happy about that, but there it is. The secret. I was wearing hair extensions. :))
It's like my hair took an extra shot of awesome and i wasn't even wearing the whole package.
I'm telling y'all, wearing hair extensions it's quite addictive.
Mine were received from Irresistible Me and they are the Royal Remy Hair in Ginger, 20 inches, 200 g.
Initially, i wanted to try out the 22'', but after discussing with someone from the company and seeing this picture that shows exactly how long is each extension, i've settled for the 20''.
My hair is pretty long, but it is very fine and straight. So instead of going for length, i went for volume. Because that's what i need. And boy did i get my volume! :))

This is my first time trying out hair extensions and after playing with them a little, i've got a couple of tips for you girls:
1. do some serious research if you're considering buying hair extensions; bloggers, vloggers, search hashtags, google, etc; you have everything at your disposal so don't start bitchin' around if you spent your money on a company that does not deliver what they promise. Research lovelies!
2. invest in quality, and by quality i mean wefts that have a good chunk of hair on them; mine have the same length from top to bottom
3. be careful of toooo many white/gray hairs as well
4. if you take good care of your Rapunzel locks, and by that i mean wash them like you'd wash your own hair, apply a mask and leave it on at least 25-30 minutes. Just leave the wefts on the sink and do something else if you're bored. Wash them carefully with lukewarm water, then apply a leave-in treatment or an oil. I use the latter because it also gives the hair some shine and makes it more easy to brush. I usually leave them to dry on a towel overnight.

Your wavy locks arrive in a plastic bag that is sealed. It has two compartments: one with 9 wefts and the other one has that 1 piece you get to try out to see if the colour and length fits.
Don't open the whole thing if you're not sure you want to keep it because then you can't exchange or return your set. They also have free international shipping above $150 and free exchanges and returns.

In the package you receive:
- 1 weft with four clips
- 2 wefts with three clips
- 4 wefts with two clips
- 2 wefts with one clip
+ that 1 piece you get to try out to see if it fits
+ 3 extra clips just in case something unsavory happens

*omagaaaaawd~ that's a lot of hair! :))*

The extensions arrived in this super-duper cute, sleek and personalized black box. If you're following me for a while, you already know i have a thing for pretty boxes and for details. They just make everything look so much better and gives the impression that some serious thought was put into that box.

In these pictures, i'm wearing the big weft and one with three clips in the back. On my sides, i'm sporting only a weft with two clips. I think it looks much more natural this way and to be honest, they're a little bit heavy. Wearing the whole package would only look good for pictures, or if you want to try out some pretty braids. Now seriously, would you have guessed i had a little help in this picture if i didn't tell you?

*i just couldn't end my first post without goofin' around a little bit :)) *

As usual, i would love to know your opinion. Would you wear hair extensions on a special occasion? Did anyone tried wearing hair extensions for that extra vavavooom~? Or at least a Beyonce hair flip?

P.S: i proooomise i'll finish going through my mail this week and i'll approve and answer all my messages and comments. Social media included. So sorry for being a bad blogger in the last few months, but a lot happened and i'm taking one step at a time. Having more than 5000 mails in my inbox does take a while to go through :)))
But i'm not giving up! Hell no~ I'm gonna finish everything and i'll start posting regularly again.

Lots of kisses and . . .
Have a diva hair day!

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