21 December, 2014

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Iridescent dragon scales nail art

by Eva Luna No Comments

ENG: At first, i didn't know how i should call this pretty model, but the closer i looked at it, the more the idea of a iridescent dragon became more clear in my mind. Just imagine a grandiose, spitting fire dragon, with it's long tail and magnificent iridescent skin. All of that, on my nails. :))
Yes, i know i have a huge imagination, but bear with me. Or hop on in the crazy imaginary world, filled with dragons, firebirds, pretty elves and glowy faeries. Yep, i read too much sometimes~ :))
For this model i used diamond shaped glitter from Born Pretty Store. All 12 colors came in a cute and girly box, priced at $4.47$.
By the way, i can hook you up with a coupon code too. Use YML 91 for -10% off, plus free shipping.

I used the glitter here too:

ENG: As usual, feedback is always welcomed. Girlies, would you try out this model, or is it too complicated? Well, i don't think it's complicated, but it does take some time and patience. I say the result is worth it~

RO: Ca intotdeauna, astept cu drag feedback-ul vostru. Ce spuneti fetelor, ati incerca un model asemanator sau il considerati prea complicat? Bine, complicat zic ca nu-i, doar ca necesita timp si putina rabdare. Rezultatul e pe masura~
Have a lovely day!

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