Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum Review

by - December 19, 2015

Where to buy / De unde il poti cumpara - Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
Current Price / Pret actual - $12.24 (they always have good brand sales, so be sure to watch those)
Amount / Cantitate - 80 ml
Colour / Nuanta - a translucent white-honey shade / o nuanta alba-mieroasa, translucenta; da, stiu cum a sunat asta, dar altcumva n-am cum s-o descriu :))
Texture / Textura - watery, not greasy or sticky at all / apoasa, deloc grasa sau lipicioasa
Package / Ambalaj - comes in a green plastic tube, with a pump / vine intr-un tub verzuliu de plastic, cu pompita

ENG: Innisfree and Etude House are the most popular korean brands and most used out there. While Etude is very pink and girly, Innisfree is an eco-friendly, low to mid end budget brand, who likes to incorporate natural ingredients, mostly from their well known Jeju Island. Their Green Tea Seed and Volcanic lines are very popular internationally as well.
So, what is the proper way of doing your skincare routine?
I've received that question a million times by now. :))
First, cleansing of course. Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser that removes excess oil, debris and the remaining make-up. Applying a hydrating serum is the second step. Next is a lotion/essence - they're usually very light and not sticky. What are they doing exactly? They help reduce redness and dry patches. Then comes your eye cream and day/night cream. Some like to apply a face oil, usually at night for that extra kick of moisture, leaving your skin fresh and plump in the morning. But be careful, these oils have to be similar to human skin oil (sebum) like jojoba oil and very important, non-comedogenic. Or you'll end up clogging your pores, thus leading to the well known and most hated pimple-monsters.
How do i apply this serum?
One pump of product on the back of my hand, then i start spreading it around my face. By the time i'm done, the product has been already absorbed into my skin, leaving it hydrated and not sticky at all. Then i pump another dose and gently pat it on my T zone, chin and forehead. It has a light scent, almost tea-like, but also fresh, that disappears in a minute or so.
I have combination skin during summer and very dry during winter time. That means my skincare routine changes also. I like to apply this serum right before my face and eye cream because it doesn't feel heavy at all, then i apply some make-up.
I did a test when it was warm outside and my combo skin was acting out: i applied only this serum, then i put some make-up on. After a couple of hours, my T zone was not shiny like a disco ball, so it was all good in the world and i was happy that it passed the test.
I did the same thing when it was really cold outside, only this serum, no face cream and no sunscreen. I was impressed that in 5-6 hours i did not have any problems. I didn't feel my skin tight, super dry, to the point of cracking, like i usually do. Please be aware that i only did these tests only to observe if this serum really works. A serum, from any brand out there, does not replace your day cream and sunscreen.
The most important thing that everyone wants to know: is this serum worth buying?
Definitely! Because it does exactly what it says: absorbs quickly and keeps your skin hydrated from the inside, even without an extra kick of moisture from your face cream.
If you're looking for a serum for mature skin, anti-wrinkle and all that jazz, then i suggest you try something else, more suitable for your needs. If you need more moisture in your skin, without looking like you put a ton of products on your face, then this serum is does what it says.
RO: Innisfree si Etude House sunt printre cele mai populare branduri coreene. In timp ce Etude se axeaza pe produse roz si girly, Innisfree merge pe conceptul eco-friendly, preturi pentru toate buzunarele, si ingrediente cat mai naturale, majoritatea avand provenienta din Insula Jeju. Gama lor de produse Green Tea Seed si Volcanic sunt printre cele mai populare si des utilizate pe plan international.
Deci, care este modul corect de aplicare al produselor de ingrijire?
Cred ca am primit de milioane de ori intrebarea asta. :))
In primul si in primul rand, ne curatam bine fata cu un cleanser bland, care ne deblocheaza porii, indeparteaza excesul de sebum si restul de machiaj.
Al doilea pas ar fi aplicarea unui serum. Urmeaza lotiunea/esenta - de obicei au o consistenta usoara si nelipicioasa. Acestea au trei roluri: de a calma pielea dupa usoara exfoliere, a reduce roseata si a preveni uscarea si descuamarea pielii. Urmeaza crema de ochi si cea de zi/noapte.
Unele persoane aleg sa mai aplice si un ulei de fata, de obicei inainte de culcare. Dar aveti grija cand va alegeti uleiul de fata! In primul rand, acesta trebuie sa fie compatibil cu pielea, gen ulei de jojoba. Are o compozitie asemanatoare cu cea a sebumului uman, intrand repede in piele si astfel "pacalind-o" ca nu mai are nevoie sa genereze o alta cantitatea in plus de sebum. De aceea este atat de des intalnit in creme si sampoane. Aveti grija ca uleiul ales sa fie si non-comedogenic, pentru a preveni blocarea porilor si aparitia punctelor negre si a cosurilor.
Cum aplic acest serum?
O pompita este de ajuns pentru toata fata. Dupa ce am terminat de intins produsul, care s-a si uscat intre timp, mai adaug inca o doza pe mana si incep sa tapotez usor pe zona T, barbie si frunte. Are un miros subtil, ca de ceai, dar si fresh in acelasi timp. Dispare in aproximativ un minut.
Vara, pielea mea este mixta, iar iarna devine foarte uscata. Asta inseamna ca rutina mea de ingrijire se schimba o data cu anotimpurile. Acest serum il aplic imediat dupa ce ma spal pe fata ca sa scap de senzatia aia de uscaciune, apoi urmeaza crema de ochi, cea de fata si machiajul.
Am facut un test cat timp era mai cald afara si pielea mea mixta imi dadea bataie de cap: am aplicat doar acest serum, apoi direct machiajul. Dupa cateva ore am observat ca zona T nu lucea mai mult decat trebuia, asa ca eram bucuroasa ca a trecut testul.
Am facut la fel cand vremea geroasa si-a intrat in drepturi: doar serumul, fara crema de fata sau protectia solara. Am ramas placut surprinsa ca nu mi-am simtit pielea uscata si ca nu ma "strange" cum se intampla de obicei cand nu aplic nimic pe fata. Atentie va rog, eu doar am facut niste teste sa pot observa mai bine eficacitatea produsului. Acest serum, indiferent de brand, nu inlocuieste in nici un caz crema de zi cu SPF sau protectia solara.
Cel mai important lucru: merita cumparat sau nu?
Cu siguranta! Pentru ca face exact ceea ce promite: se absoarbe repede si mentine hidratarea in interiorul pielii, nu doar la suprafata.
Daca sunteti in cautarea unui serum pentru piele matura, anti-rid and all that jazz, atunci va sugerez sa incercati altceva. Daca simtiti ca aveti nevoie de hidratare si cautati produse cu textura usoara, atunci va recomand cu drag acest serum.


ENG: As usual, i would love to know your opinion. Would you try out this green tea seed serum? And if you did, how did you get along with it?

RO: Ca intotdeauna, astept cu drag feedback-ul vostru. Dupa cele citite, v-ar tenta acest produs? Daca l-ati incercat deja, cum v-ati inteles cu el?

Have a lovely day!

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