Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof 010 - Review

by - September 02, 2015

Where to buy / De unde il poti cumpara - Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof
Current Price / Pret actual - intre 23-30 RON, o gasiti si mai ieftina daca prindeti sezonul reducerilor
Amount / Cantitate - 9 g
Texture / Textura - translucent waterproof powder, adapts to almost every skin tone  / pudra translucenta matifianta, rezistenta la umiditate, care se adapteaza usor la nuanta tenului
Package / Ambalaj - hard plastic, easy to scratch / plastic rezistent, usor de zgariat
Contains vitamin A and E. / Contine vitamina A si E.

If you're looking for a mattifying powder that keeps your skin shiny-free all day long and doesn't look cakey, then you ended up in the right place lovelie!
ENG: I don't know your guidelines, what you like and what you want your powder to do, but when i decide to grab a new one, the most important thing for me is to keep my skin matte. To keep my skin matte for a couple of hours without retouch and obviously, i don't want to look like i have a mask on my face. So no cakey face for me please!
When i first heard about this powder, i think i was watching a favorite vlogger, then i stumbled across a couple of fellow romanian bloggers that were also raving about this beauty find. A rave here, one there, in time, i've tried a couple of powders just to keep it interesting, but nothing caught my eye. Finally, i gave in and put my blue nail polished paw on this much acclaimed Prime and Fine powder from Catrice. Whadaya know, i'm a blogger, so i need to find out if it's worth it or not! :))
I'm a die-hard fan of my Etude House BB Magic Pact and i thought "no way you're gonna dethrone my fave!". Well, it didn't! :)) But they do have some things in common and some things that are different.
Like the fact that my Etude powder does offer some medium coverage, while the Catrice one is translucent. That means it can adapt to almost every skin color. The second thing i've noticed different and the most obvious one, is the fact that Prime and Fine si 100% waterproof. I did a test and posted the picture down below so you can see that the water drops are not absorbed at all, even after 10 minutes.
While my Etude powder maintains its fine texture in time, the Catrice one becomes a little grainy. Click on the photo down below so you can see exactly what i'm saying. This doesn't change the quality of the powder at all, its mattifying properties are still on point, doesn't look cakey, it's just that . . .i feel like i'm using sand to pat on my face.
To make things more simple for the lazy ones, because i do tend to ramble a lot sometimes, here is the short version of this review:
I like that: it keeps your skin matte almost all day long, doesn't look cakey, it does not make your pores look larger than life even after 3-4 layers, it's waterproof, and a little powder goes a long way.
I don't like that: in time, the texture will change to a more grainy one. and i also don't like the fact it doesn't really suit darker/bronzed skin types. That's a pity because it's a good, long-lasting product.
Well, that's all i had to say about this powder!
Daca esti in cautarea unei pudre care nu incarca tenul, il matifiaza si-l mentine asa toata ziua, atunci ai nimerit unde trebuie lovelie!
RO: Nu stiu dupa ce criterii va ghidati voi cand vreti sa va cumparati o pudra, dar lucrul cel mai important pentru mine este matifierea. Matifierea tenului fara sa-l incarce! Daca matifiaza si nu obtin efectul acela cakey, pentru mine, acel produs este un winner absolut.
Initial, am auzit de pudra asta la o vloggerita. Apoi, incet si cu pasi siguri, pudra de la Catrice si-a gasit drumul si in blogosfera romaneasca. O lauda ici, una colo, una pe dincolo . . .in timp, am mai incercat si alte pudre care m-au multumit ani intregi, dar pana la urma am cazut si eu tentatiei. Asta e acum, curiozitatea de bloggerita! :))
Fiind o fana fidela a pudrei mele preferate, cea de la Etude House BB Magic Pact, am zis ca n-o intrece.
Si n-a intrecut-o! :)) In unele privinte se aseamana, dar sunt si cateva diferente intre ele.
Acestea ar fi: acoperirea medie pe care o da pudra de la Etude, in timp ce Prime and Fine de la Catrice este translucenta. Asta inseamna ca se adapteaza aproape oricarei nuante de ten. A doua diferenta, si cea mai evidenta, Prime and Fine este o pudra waterproof. Aveti o poza mai jos in care am facut un mic test. Efectiv am stropit pudra cu apa, si am observat ca nu se absoarbe deloc. Stropii au ramas la suprafata chiar si dupa 10 minute.
In timp ce pudra de la Etude este spornica si isi mentine textura, pudra de la Catrice devine un pic grunjoasa. Dati click pe poza de mai jos ca sa vedeti exact despre ce vorbesc. Acest lucru nu schimba calitatea pudrei, tot la fel de eficienta ramane, doar ca . . . nah~ am impresia ca ma dau cu nisip pe fata :))
Ca sa nu ma mai intind la vorba, pentru ca asa am prostul obicei, o sa va spun pe scurt ce imi place si ce nu-mi place la pudra asta.
Imi place ca: matifiaza tenul si se mentine asa ore bune, nu incarca si nu evidentiaza porii chiar si dupa 3-4 aplicari, este rezistenta la umiditate si este destul de spornica. Adica nu aveti nevoie de retusuri pe timpul zilei.
Nu imi place ca: pudra isi schimba textura, nu este potrivita si nuantelor de ten mai inchise sau foarte bronzate
Cam atat am avut de zis despre acest produs!

Pudra o mai gasiti si pe 1001 Cosmetice la un pret foarte bun!

What kind of sorcery is this? :))

ENG: As usual, i would love to know your opinion. Would you try out this powder? And if you did, how did you get along with it?

RO: Ca intotdeauna, astept cu drag feedback-ul vostru. Dupa cele citite, ati incerca acesta pudra? Daca ati incercat-o deja, cum v-ati inteles cu ea?

Have a lovely day!

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