~ Cosmetic plant: Eye Contour Cream Q10 and green tea ~

by - May 07, 2014

Crema contur ochi Q10 si ceai verde
Eye Contour Cream Q10 and green tea

Where to buy / De unde il puteti cumpara: iCosmetice
Current price / Pret actual: 15 lei
Amount / Cantitate: 30ml
Package / Ambalaj: cute design, transparent glass recipient *that means it's not travel friendly*, comes with a white pump, sleek, simple, elegant and easy to maneuver. You can reuse it and fill it with foundation, oils or another cream. / crema se afla intr-un recipient de sticla transparent *asta inseamna ca nu este tocmai okay pentru calatorii*, un ambalaj simplu, dragalas, cu pompita si usor de manevrat. Sticluta poate fi refolosita si umpluta cu un fond de ten sau alta crema.
Texture / Textura: white, creamy, light consistency, absorbs quickly into skin, subtle smell / o crema alba, cu o consistenta cremoasa si usoara care intra foarte repede in piele; mirosul este foarte subtil.
Great for normal & combination skin. / Recomandat pentru ten normal si mixt.

RO: Nu cred ca gresesc atunci cand spun ca toate sarim peste acest pas, nu? Poate din comoditate, din lene sau pur si simplu suntem prea obosite sa mai dam si cu o crema de ochi, asa ca o trantim pe cea de fata pe unde apucam, apoi cu directie la somn, right? :))
Din pacate, varsta incepe sa isi spuna cuvantul si daca nu previi din timp aparitia ridurilor de expresie, e mai greu pe viitor sa le "tratezi".
Eu recunosc, am  . . . .1 an si jumatate, poate chiar 2!?  de cand folosesc o crema de ochi.
Am mai citit prin blogosfera despre aceasta crema cu ceai verde si Q10 si din pacate, nu va pot spune nimic nou despre ea. Adica are o consistenta usoara care intra foarte repede in piele, nu lasa o pelicula grasa *deci va puteti machia fara nici stres dupa ce ati aplicat-o*, repara pielea uscata si o mentine hidratata, nu are nici un efect asupra cearcanelor *dar nici nu promite asta, asa ca degeaba cotcodacesc eu pe aici*. Pot spune ca pielea pare un pic mai ferma dupa aplicare si mai luminoasa, iar ochii par mai odihniti *comes in handy when you look like a zombie on crack in the morning*. Asupra ridurilor nu ma pot pronunta pentru ca inca nu le am asa evidente in jurul ochilor.
Pentru cine are ochisorii sensibili *aici ridic si eu manuta sus* : nu va speriati fetelor, nu va lacrimeaza si nici nu va ustura ochii. Bine, n-am incercat sa-mi bag crema in ochi ca sa testez asta, dar va dati seama ca mai intra un pic, chiar daca aveti grija.

ENG: When "age" comes knocking at your door, you need to put a lock on that door and throw away the key! Well, as much as i'd like to do that, i can't! That's why i'm trying to find the perfect eye cream that suits my needs. And i think i just bumped into it. I've read many times in the blogosphere about this cream and honestly, i can't say more about it. I mean, it has a creamy, light consistency that quickly penetrates the skin, a non-greasy formula *and that means i can start working right away on my make-up*, keeps your skin hydrated, it's good for those who have dry skin around eyes too, but doesn't do much to dark circles *well, it doesn't say anything about that so maybe i'm expecting too much??*. I can also say that your skin looks more firm, that it brightens up your eye area and you look more awake *comes in handy when you look like a zombie on crack in the morning*. 
For the girls who have sensitive eyes *yep, i'm raising my hands too* :
don't be afraid gals, this cream doesn't irritate, doesn't sting and it doesn't make you cry if you pop some of that cream into your eyes.

And that's about it!

Now tell me, what's your favorite eye cream at the moment?
Ce crema de ochi folositi in momentul acesta?

Have a lovely day!

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