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by - April 02, 2014

Innisfree eye primer
Where to buy / De unde il poti cumpara: Cosmetic Love
Current price / Pret actual: $8.45 (they always have good brand sales, so be sure to watch those)
Amount / Cantitate: 3g
Color / Culoare: light beige *blends out nicely on eyelids, but it doesn't cover dark circles / se intinde frumos pe pleoape, dar nu acopera cearcanele*
Texture / Textura: soft, creamy, velvet-like, silicone-based primer / textura usoara, siliconata, cremoasa, ca de catifea
Package / Ambalaj: clean, simple, ivory, qualitative plastic-made tube / un ambalaj foarte simplu, curat, facut dintr-un plastic rezistent.

1.  first picture: 1st row shows swatches with not-so-pigmented eyeshadows and the second row, the eyeshadows are applied over the Innisfree eye primer /  1. prima poza: pe primul rand am aplicat niste farduri nu prea pigmentate, iar pe al doilea rand, aceleasi farduri, aplicate peste primerul Innisfree.

2. in the second picture, i took a wet wipe and rubbed my arm a couple of times;  you can see clearly that the part with the eye primer is still holding and showing up /  2. in a doua poza, am luat un servetel demachiant umed si am incercat sa indepartez fardurile; se poate vedea clar ca inca se mentine culoarea fardurilor aplicate peste primer.

Innisfree eye primer and Too Faced Lemon Drop Shadow Insurance are the best primers out there!
I really can't believe how good this primer is *the Innisfree one*, not to mention the quantity. I think i'm good for a year or so, because you only need a small amount to gently tap your eyelids and it blends out so smoothly. The texture is a bit sticky, so you need to work fast on blending your eyeshadow. I used this primer with metallic, shimmery and matte colors as well. They all blend nicely, even the matte ones.

But here comes the best part: i have oily lids, therefore, i'm a bit pretentious when it comes to primers. No girl wants her makeup to fade, crease or fall down on cheeks. Well, i had no problems with this primer, and it's also budget friendly!

Primerul de la Innisfree si Too Faced Lemon Drop Shadow Insurance mi se par cele mai bune de pe piata - din cate am incercat si eu~
Nu aveam asteptari mari de la el, dar a reusit sa ma surprinda. Cantitatea este mai mult decat suficienta si cred ca o sa ma tina un an siiii. . . pentru ca nu am nevoie decat de o bobita miiiica pentru amandoi ochisori. Se intinde frumos pe pleoape, dar trebuie sa "blenduiesti" repejor fardurile pentru ca textura este usor lipicioasa. L-am folosit si pe farduri metalizate/shimmery/mate si toate raman la locul lor peste zi.
Acum vine partea cea mai buna: sunt posesoarea unor pleoape sclifosite si un pic cam uleioase, asa ca trebuie sa fiu mai selectiva cand vine vorba de primere pentru ochi. Ei bine, n-am avut nici un fel de probleme cu acesta. Fardurile nu si-au pierdut din intensitate si nici nu s-au strans in pliuri.
Sa mai zic si ca este budget friendly?

I also did a make-up look using matte and shimmery 
eyeshadows, applied over the Innisfree eye primer.
The colors are so beautiful and vibrant.
Hope everyone likes it!
Let me know what you think~ 

Care este baza voastra preferata si ce folositi pe moment?
What eye primer are you using at the moment?

Have a lovely day!

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