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by - April 13, 2012

Hello girls!

Azi revin cu o carte ...mai exact cu o nuvela din seria voastra preferata,
Fallen scrisa de Lauren Kate.
A aparut anul acesta, pe 24 Ianuarie.

Unexpected. Unrequited. Forbidden. Eternal.
Everyone has their own love story.

And in a twist of fate, four extraordinary love stories

combine over the course of a romantic Valentine's Day
in Medieval England. Miles and Shelby find love where
they least expect it. Roland learns a painful lesson about
finding-and losing love. Arianne pays the price for a
love so fierce it burns. And for the first -and last- time,
Daniel and Luce will spend a night together like none other.
Lauren Kate's FALLEN IN LOVE is filled with love

stories . . . the ones everyone has been waiting for.
True love never says goodbye. . .

Dupa cum ati putut citi in descrierea cartii, Lauren Kate a decis sa ne rasfete cu
intalnirea celor doi indragostiti, chiar de Valentine's Day.
Aceasta carticica este impartita in mai multe povestioare, care relateaza
intamplarile tragice, sau mai putin tragice, ale fiecarui personaj, toate acestea
leagadu-se intre ele si migrand in jurul lui Daniel si Luce, si fericirea lor care
dureaza, din pacate, doar o zi ...o zi speciala, dedicata perechilor indragostite.

In prima parte se vorbeste despre cum Shelby a ajuns sa il vada pe
Miles ...cu alti ochi. Da oameni buni, Shelby a intrat si ea in "spiritul sarbatorii" de
Valentine's Day, ba mai mult, s-a si indragostit.
Capitolul se numeste "Love where you least expect it: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles".

Favorite Quote:
"No, Miles, that’s not it.” Shelby sat back up and
sobered when she saw his face. Then she started laughing
again. “I traded the bonnet to get you this.” She held up
the Dodgers cap.
“No way.” He reached for it with the air of a kid who
couldn’t believe that the presents under the Christmas
tree were really his."

In a doua parte, avem parte de Roland *unul din personajele mele favorite* .
Cand am citit acest capitol, chiar mi-a parut rau de el, si am ajuns sa il indragesc si mai mult.
"Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland"  :

Favorite Quote:
"Any heartache she might have felt for Roland five
years ago paled in comparison to this, because this man
was not only her lover and her husband—he was also the
father of her children.
Roland's heart sagged. He could not abide this. He
thought of all those years between this medieval
heartbreak and the present he’d come back from—the
centuries he’d spent on the moon, wandering lost
through its crags and pocks, abandoning his duties, just
trying to forget he had ever seen her. He thought of the
void of time he’d surrendered inside the portal that
connected July to September, abandoning everything the
way he had abandoned Rosaline.
But now he knew that no matter how long his infinity
lasted, he would never forget her tears.
What a narcissistic fool he had been. She didn’t need
his apology..."

"I need advice, Cam.
"On what? Living the good life?” Cam’s spark had
come back, but it seemed garish in this pale, shadowy
specter standing before Roland. “Start by standing yourself
in a deserted island. This one’s taken, but there must be
more out there somewhere.” He hung his hand out at the
world, at Roland."

"Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane". Asa se numeste cel de-al treilea
capitol, in care avem un inside scoop despre cum a ajuns sa aibe acele
cicatrici pe gatul ei.

Favorite Quote:
"She heard the ripple of
wings leaving water, felt a brush of warm wind, and
then, a second later, the sweetest lips pressed down on
hers. Wet arms and wet wings engulfed her.
“What was that?” Arriane blinked in astonishment as
Tessriel pulled away. Her lips tingled with unexpected
“A kiss. I promised myself that if I did see you again,
that’s what I would do.”
“And if I left right now and then came back,” Arriane
wondered aloud, “would you kiss me like that again?”
Tessriel nodded, a vast smile on her face.
“Goodbye,” Arriane whispered, closing her eyes. When
she opened them, she said, “Hello.”
And Tessriel kissed her again.
And again."

Ultimul capitol este destinat porumbeilor,
"Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda", aici, autoarea in
sfarsit dezvaluind insemnatatea bujorilor albi.

Favorite Quote:
"Medieval Lucinda didn’t recognize the vast array off
flowers; she would have no idea how this was possible
in February—and she still loved every inch of the
surprise. But Lucinda Price knew that the pure-white
peonies were more than just a Valentine’s Day gift. They
were the symbol of Daniel Grigori’s eternal love.
The candlelight flickered on his face. He was smiling
but looked nervous, as if he didn’t know whether she
liked his gift or not.
“Oh, Daniel.” She raced into his arms. “They’re
He swung her in a circle and steadied the wreath on
her head.
“They’re called peonies. Not traditional Valentine’s
flowers,” he said, tossing his head thoughtfully, “but still,
they are … something of a tradition.”
Luce loved that she understood exactly what he meant.
“Perhaps we could make them our Valentine’s
tradition,” she suggested.
Daniel plucked a large blossom from the bouquet and
slipped it between her fingers, holding it close to her
heart. How many times across history had he done the
exact same thing? Luce could see a glimmer in his eyes
that suggested it never got old.
“Yes, our very own Valentine’s tradition,” he mused.
“Peonies and … well, there ought to be something else.
Oughtn’t there?”
“Peonies and”—Luce racked her brain. She didn’t need
anything else. Didn’t need anything but Daniel … and,
well … “How about peonies and a kiss?”

Cartea se poate gasi la libraria online Libris aici, iar un rezumat al cartilor se poate gasi aici.


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