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by - January 07, 2012

Hello girls!

Here comes the 2nd part about my funny and badass band of brothers.
HERE you can find the first part.

"In Caldwell, New York, war rages between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Now the cold heart of a cunning predator will be warmed against its will...
Ruthless and brilliant, Vishous, son of the Bloodletter, possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future. As a pretrans growing up in his father's war camp he was tormented and abused. As a member of the Brotherhood, he has no interest in love or emotion, only the battle with the Lessening Society. But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time-until a destiny he didn't choose takes him into a future that cannot include her.."

Oh man! Oh boy! Oh my sweet and innocent heart!
Like seriously, i am sooooooo hooked on V, i know the whole freakin' book by heart! :))
Just a warning here, V's among my favorite brothers so you'll have a sh*tload of fangirling here, okay?
Now that we got that clear, let's start with the begining.
As usual, J.R.Ward has several plotlines running simultaneously and there's a lot of growth involved within the story, as a whole.
We get to see the characters evolve phyisically and emotionally too.This book is all about V and "Doc" Jane.
*makes me think of Bugs Bunny and
his "What's up Doc?"
gotta love Butch for this :)) *
V's one of the most complicated characters in the
super-paranormal-world of J.R.Ward;  he is anything but simple and sexy as they all come *wonder if they ship to Amazon, me wants a brother!* :)))
Phisically: dark hair grown long in the front to obscure the warning tattoo *don't want to give any more spoilers*, diamond eyes and a goatee he gets chided for *you'll read all about that too*, all that awesomeness wrapped up in six-foot-six *holy cow, that's 1.98m*, and do i need to mention all the muscle he carries around? lol :))
Personally, i really enjoyed witnessing V fall in love and let his guard down. Their story is believable, not sugar-coated too much, and it kinda makes sense.
Vishous is wicked smart, the unofficial geek of the Brotherhood.
You need something, V's your man!
Either a place, a number, the future, the weather, or to beat the crap out of a lesser, go to V.
And who doesn't love a man who can do it all! :))
He's also good at scheming, reliable, opens up hard, if at all *until Butch though* a cool dude to the world and intensely private with his business. But that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to chill and have a good time.
Jane is also one of the humans (or should i say the only human, since Butch is now a vampire), who can put Vishous in his place.
He respects her, they're both hard to crack and she's kinda his intellectual equal. So we have two rocket-science pumpkins now. Great!
V's one of the oldest in the Brotherhood, speaks 16 languages *and get this, he's using Google to learn new words sometimes, and that, just to kill time! :)))
This thing just stuck in my mind, it's really hilarious, a 303 years old vampire Google-ing to learn, i don't know, finnish, or spanish. :)))
He is the son of the Bloodletter *more like the DNA donor than father, you'll get to read the whole thing, have patience lovelies*.
Well, the heavy and the heartbreaking background aside, he's pretty well grounded, LOVES Red Sox and Grey Goose, loves loud rap music, a really sarcastic wit, and for the first time, he gets to care for someone, and that someone is his human-turned-vampire roomie, Butch, aka Cop. At the end of 4th book, you can't help but feel a twinge of hurt for Vishous. You get to see Butch lovey-dovey-happily-ever-after and V thrown aside like a tissue *it's making me insane when i see real people building their happiness on someone's misery, let alone a fictional character*.
But Marissa has to suck it up 'cuz V and Cop are bound together *you'll get to read about that too* .
I am so so mean, am i? :)) Well, this book is too awesome, go and read it instead of reading my flailing here. You're gonna love it!!!
So, while dear V was at his Penthouse, playing with his toys, his dearest mommy makes an appearance and completely f*cks up his, well ...entire life. She also demands that he has to become the Primale too *bassically, he has to marry a harem of Chosen females and propagate the vampire race... that's every guy's dream , 'ain 'it? :)) Riiiiiiight! Really not V's cup of tea, but get this, he also gets shot by his own kind, ends up in a human hospital where Doc Jane gets blown away by his six chambered heart and his super-fast-healing. Yipeee! Every doctor dream, isn't it? :)))
I must really say this, Ward is getting all the medical stuff right, i even checked. It's rare for a book to get medical terms, yada-yada right *medical books excluded, okay?*
There's this super out-of-a-movie scene where Phury's scrubbing the nurses minds, and Butch is snatching Jane while Rhage drags and fries computers with his sexy mind, all of this while dragging still-in-a-sort-of-a-coma Vishous back to the car, and back to the compund, and Wrath is livid that Jane is there, but hey, they get to have hot BDSM monkey sex and get married unofficially, so who cares anyway, right?
Bella has some complications with the pregnancy, which of course, drives Z mad. We also get a glimpse of the fascinating boring world of the Scribe Virgin, who loves birds ....really?!?
...everything's white and she loves birds? 
No wonder she's so f*cked up, i would loose my mind too. But hey, she's a goddess, so who cares.
We get some flashbacks of V's dark and sad past and discover how he got his tattoos, while Phury's the Prince Charming again, riding his white horse in the white world of the Chosen. You can translate that he puts others before himself as usual, and get's in a....... unusual situation, but that, in LOVER ENSHRINED.
It'll be a bumpy road ahead, so hold your horses lady's!
Man, i'm full of metaphores today. :))
Sorry for that, it's just i love-love-love these books, they're like the Jane Austen for me now. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book. I just love the story and the message. Maybe i'll make a review of that book too, if someone wants it.
And i'll also give you the super-smart, super-sexy V so you can drool as much as you like.

All my leidis, cine nu vrea un barbatel asa? Eu is prima la coada. :))
Okay, enough with Vishous, let's make way for Cormia and Phury.

P.S: you may think that the ending is not fair, after all V's been through, he deserves better, but you'll learn to adapt as long as you keep reading the other books. Remember there are other books out there with cheesy endings, cheesy predictable endings and in Lover Unbound, you sure as hell didn't expect that to happen. It's unexpected, unconventional, it's original. That's what i'm looking in a book, either sad or a happy plot/ending.
You may find a lot of messages in these books, so you better enjoy every page.

Soon i'll be adding Lover Enshrined too, so stay tuned.
Big bear hugs from yours truly,


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