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Hello girls!

Azi revin cu un BOTD, aka Book Of The Day. :)
Este vorba despre saga 'Hush, Hush' scrisa de Becca Fitzpatrick.

Hush, Hush - Ingerul Noptii
Crescendo - Crescendo
Slience - Tacere

Toate cartile sunt #1 Bestsellere New York Times ,si pe buna dreptate! Abia am terminat si a doua carte "Crescendo" si sunt foarte incantata de ele, dar sa le iau pe rand.

Prima carte se numeste "Ingerul noptii" ('Hush, Hush') iar cei de la Litera o descriu astfel:

" Un juramant sacru    
Un inger cazut    
O dragoste interzisa.

Pentru Nora Grey, dragostea nu face parte din plan. Nu s-a indragostit niciodata de vreun baiat, in ciuda eforturilor depuse de Vee, prietena ei cea mai buna. Dar zambetul sagalnic si ochii patrunzatori ai lui Patch o atrag mai presus de orice ratiune. Patch pare sa se afle oriunde este si ea si pare sa o cunoască mai bine decat prietena ei cea mai buna, iar Nora nu se poate decide daca să-i cadă in brate sau sa fugă din calea lui cat mai departe. Dupa o serie de intamplari inspaimantatoare, tanara se gaseste prinsa intr-un joc al razbunarii unde nimeni nu este ceea ce pare a fi, taberele se schimba si ascund secrete periculoase. In mijlocul unui stravechi conflict intre nemuritori şi ingerii cazuti, Nora trebuie sa-si infrunte temerile si sa lupte pentru viata si dragostea ei, iar o alegere gresita o poate costa viata."

Toata actiunea este povestita din perspectiva Norei Grey, la fel ca si in cartea a doua, posibil si intr-a treia.
Becca Fitzpatrick a scris "Ingerul Noptii" foarte, foarte bine! Povestea este plina de suspans si mister, iar cand v-ati decis ca ati descifrat sirul actiunii, ceva neasteptat se va intampla, si desigur, va intoarceti de unde ati pornit, si va garantez ca nu veti lasa cartea din mana prea usor. Totul este confuz si va v-a tine ca pe ace de la inceput pana la sfarsit, iar voi va veti dori sa aflati cat mai multe pe masura ce parcurgeti cartile.

Toate personajele au caractere puternice, bine conturate.

Nora Grey este o pustoaica normala, care merge la scoala si incearca sa isi vada de treaba ei, iar timpul liber, si-l petrece cu prietena ei cea mai buna, Vee Sky. Asta pana in ziua in care profesorul de biologie decide sa faca o mica schimbare. Astfel Nora ajunge sa fie colega de banca cu elevul cel nou, introvertit si misterios, nu prea sociabil, care mai tarziu face cunostinta cu el si ii afla numele, Patch.
De atunci, Nora se afla intr-un roller coaster de emotii si confuzie, se simta urmarita, iar Patch ramane constant in gandurile ei. Este constienta ca ascunde ceva si trebuie sa stea departe de el, dar in acelasi timp, nu poate sta departe.
Nora traieste cu mama ei, care este mai mult plecata decat acasa, si cu menajera sa, Dorothea, cu care isi petrece majoritatea timpului. Tatal ei a fost ucis cu ceva timp in urma, iar asta a marcat-o definitiv. Ea incearca sa para puternica si sa se mentina pe lina de plutire cat poate.
Pe langa Patch, un alt baiat, Elliot, isi face aparitia si incepe sa o curteze. Pana atunci, Nora nu a mai fost interesata de baieti, doar o simpla eleva cu probleme specifice, mai mici, sau mai mari. Dar acum se trezeste cu doi baieti total diferiti, dandu-i tarcoale: misteriosul bad-boy Patch, si the-next-guy Elliot, iar asta o lasa plina de confuzie, incercand sa isi dea seama ce sentimente are pentru fiecare din ei.
Nora poate fi un pic neindemanatica, dar este o stangacie care nu este exagerata, chiar amuzanta.

Patch Cipriano este genul de bad-boy care toate ne-am dori sa il avem ca boyfriend: bine facut, inalt, peste 1.80, parul si ochii inchisi la culoare, poarta negru din cap pana in picioare, dark-Levi’s, dark-Henley, dark boots kind of guy. Aici aveti un exemplu de "Henley shirt".

Multi au comparat acest personaj cu Edward Cullen, dar eu tind sa contrazic asta.
Patch se afla pe o scala foarte-foarte diferita de Edward. El nu este eternul-virgin care se pastreaza pentru iubire sau mariaj o sa intelegeti voi pe parcurs ce spun  ,cam sarcastic cateodata bine bine, mai mereu, nu cateodata ,pastreaza multe secrete fata de Nora si ...oh well, he can be an ass most of the time!
Ii place sa o tachineze pe Nora si nu pierde nici o ocazie pentru a face asta. Dar dupa cum am zis, este genul de bad-boy care toate il dorim: odata ce am pus mana pe el, incepe sa isi arate adevarata fata, devine tandru, protector si gentil, dar asta, fara sa devina un mic catelus la ordinele Norei. El isi pastreaza personalitatea, viclenia si sarcasmul, chiar foarte amuzant cateodata,  intacte.

Ca sa intelegeti  ce tip de personaj este Patch, cititi cateva citate:

I held up my assignment, two lines already filled. “A few quick questions and I’m out of here.”
“Jerk?” Patch read out loud, leaning on his pool stick. “Lung cancer? Is that supposed to be prophetic?”

Coach pointed beside me. “All right, Patch. Let’s say you’re at a party. The room is full of girls of all
different shapes and sizes. You see blonds, brunettes, redheads, a few girls with black hair. Some are
talkative, while others appear shy. You’ve found one girl who fits your profile—attractive, intelligent,
and vulnerable. How do you let her know you’re interested?”
“Single her out. Talk to her.”
“Good. Now for the big question—how do you know if she’s game or if she wants you to move on?”
“I study her,” Patch said. “I figure out what she’s thinking and feeling. She’s not going to come right
out and tell me, which is why I have to pay attention. Does she turn her body toward mine? Does she
hold my eyes, then look away? Does she bite her lip and play with her hair, the way Nora is doing right
Laughter rose in the room. I dropped my hands to my lap.
“She’s game,” said Patch, bumping my leg again. Of all things, I blushed.
“Very good! Very good!” Coach said, his voice charged, smiling broadly at our attentiveness.
“The blood vessels in Nora’s face are widening and her skin is warming,” Patch said. “She knows she’s
being evaluated. She likes the attention, but she’s not sure how to handle it.”
“I am not blushing.”
“She’s nervous,” Patch said. “She’s stroking her arm to draw attention away from her face and down to
her figure, or maybe her skin. Both are strong selling points.”
I nearly choked. He’s joking, I told myself. No, he’s insane. I had no experience dealing with lunatics,
and it showed.

“You possess other people’s…bodies.”
He accepted that statement with a nod.
“Do you want to possess my body?”
“I want to do a lot of things to your body, but that’s not one of them.”

I get my very own guardian angel? What, exactly, is your job description?”
“Guard your body.” His smile tipped higher. “I take my job seriously, which means I’m going to need to get acquainted with the subject matter on a personal level.”

“You are way too cocky,” I said, using my hand to push him back a step.
He trapped my hand against his chest and yanked my sleeve down past my wrist, covering my hand with
it. Just as quickly, he did the same thing with the other sleeve. He held my shirt by the cuffs, my hands
captured. My mouth opened in protest.
Reeling me closer, he didn’t stop until I was directly in front of him. Suddenly he lifted me onto the
counter. My face was level with his. He fixed me with a dark, inviting smile. And that’s when I realized
this moment had been dancing around the edge of my fantasies for several days now.
“Take off your hat,” I said, the words tumbling out before I could stop them.
He slid it around, the brim facing backward.
I scooted to the edge of the counter, my legs dangling one on either side of him. Something inside of
me was telling me to stop—but I swept that voice to the far back of my mind.
He spread his hands on the counter, just outside my hips. Tilting his head to one side, he moved closer.
His scent, which was all damp dark earth, overwhelmed me.
I inhaled two sharp breaths. No. This wasn’t right. Not this, not with Patch. He was frightening. In a
good way, yes. But also in a bad way. A very bad way.
“You should go,” I breathed. “You should definitely go.”
“Go here?” His mouth was on my shoulder. “Or here?” It moved up my neck.”

My brain couldn’t process one logical thought. Patch’s mouth was roaming north, up over my jaw,
gently sucking at my skin… .
“My legs are falling asleep,” I blurted. It wasn’t a total lie. I was experiencing tingling sensations all
through my body, legs included.
“I could solve that.” Patch’s hands closed on my hips.
Suddenly my cell phone rang. I jumped at the sound of it and fumbled it out of my pocket.

Patch sat on the corner of the bed, the mattress sinking under his weight. He bent forward, resting his
forearms on his knees. His scars were in full view, the candlelight dancing eerie shadows across their
surface. The muscles in his back heightened, then relaxed. “Go ahead,” he said quietly. “Keep in mind
that people change, but the past doesn’t.”

 Prietena cea mai buna a Norei, Vee Sky, este cam ironica, vesela mai tot timpul, cu un spirit de aventura cam indraznet si aproape imposibil sa o refuzi. Cele doua sunt ca doua surori, intotdeauna gata sa sara in ajutorul celeilalte, sau cum imi place mie sa zic "partner in crime". :)

Why don’t you
give us your list, Miss Sky?

Vee held up five fingers. “Gorgeous, wealthy, indulgent, fiercely protective, and just a little bit
dangerous.” A finger went down with each description.
Patch laughed under his breath. “The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be
“Excellent point,” Coach said.

 Rixon este cel mai bun prieten al lui Patch, considerandu-l un frate, dar oare prietenia lor este reala?
Elliot si Jules? Ce rol joaca ei in actiune de fapt? Cine se ascunde in spatele personajului Jules si ce doreste de la Nora?
Asta va trebui sa aflati voi singuri, cu siguranta nu veti ramane dezamagiti - actiune, iubire, mister, mituri biblice care se regasesc in societatea moderna din ziua de azi si personaje chipese.

A doua carte din aceasta serie se numeste "Crescendo".

„Fanii genului care s-au plictisit de varcolaci si de vampiri vor primi bucurosi această nouă aparitie din adancurile intunericului.”   -Booklist

Descriere de pe Litera :

"O intriga de cosmar, un mister coplesitor, un inger pazitor de temut...
Nora ar trebui sa stie ca viata ei este departe de a fi perfecta. Desi cu ajutorul lui Patch, iubitul si ingerul ei pazitor, a scapat cu viata dintr-o serie de incidente cu totul neobisnuite, primejdia e departe de a fi trecut. Relatia cu Patch nu este in cel mai bun moment al ei, iar Marcie Millar pare mai hotarata ca oricand sa-i faca Norei viata un cosmar. De parca nu ar fi de-ajuns, un nor dusman incearca  sa o distruga, iar moartea tatalui ei ramane in continuare un mister. Cum Patch nu numai ca nu ii raspunde la intrebari, dar pare chiar sa-i stea in cale, Nora se vede nevoita sa afle raspunsuri de una singura.
Nu se anuntă o vara prea tihnita, nu-i asa?"

Cu siguranta Nora este constienta ca viata ei a luat o turnura cu totul si cu totul neobisnuita. Iubitul ei este nimeni altul decat Patch, un inger, mai exact ingerul ei pazitor acum pe bune, lasand numele la o parte, numai ca un inger nu poate fi descris Patch ,
dar oare Nora se poate baza pe el? ...sau Marcie Millar va reusi sa puna mana pe Patch?

In aceasta carte, lucrurile se complica mult pentru Nora.
La un moment dat, se va trezi singura: fara Patch, fara mama ei, fara prietena ei cea mai buna Vee, si chiar si fara sprijinul lui Rixon.
Fantoma tatalui ei ii da tarcoale, Scott, prietenul ei din copilarie nu este ceea ce pare, Marcie Millar ii va face viata si mai imposibila, iar dusmanii din umbra ei, cresc pe zi ce trece.
Secrete dezvaluite, nu tocmai placute, in legatura cu familia Norei si cea a lui Marcie, mistere intunecate care roiesc in jurul Patch, si prietenii legate si distruse.
Aceasta carte are mai multa actiune, intriga si suspans decat primul volum, iar pe masura ce cititi, veti ramane si mai captivati.


I felt the sun bake my face as we
crossed the parking lot, and that’s when I saw it. A white
convertible Volkswagen Cabriolet with a sale sign taped in the
window: $1,000 OBO.
“You’re drooling,” Vee said, using her finger to tip my chin
“You don’t happen to have a thousand dollars I can borrow?”
“I don’t have five you can borrow. My piggy bank is officially

“You, me, and Marcie? Since when did you start putting the
three of us in the same sentence? Since when does she mean
anything to you?” I snapped.

Scott returned, chalking his pool stick. “You know what they
say about good luck. Got to kiss my cue.” He stuck it in my
I took a step back. “I’m not kissing your pool stick.”
Scott flapped his arms and playfully made chicken noises.
I glanced to the back of the hall, hoping to confirm that Patch
wasn’t watching the humiliating scene unfolding, and that was
when I saw Marcie Millar saunter up behind him, lean in, and
cross her arms around his neck.
My heart dropped to my knees.
Scott was speaking, tapping the pool stick against my
forehead, but the words went right past. I fought to recapture my
breath and focused on the blur of concrete straight ahead to
ground my complete shock and sense of betrayal. So this was
what he meant when he said things with Marcie were strictly

A shiny black Jeep Commander. The
engine caught, and the Jeep pulled around the corner and out of

really just see Marcie climb into Patch’s Jeep?” I opened my
mouth to say something, but it felt like someone had stuffed
nails down my throat.
“Was it just me,” Vee said, “or could you see her red thong
peeking out from under her dress?”
“That wasn’t a dress,” I said, leaning back against a building
for support.
“I was trying to be optimistic, but you’re right. That wasn’t a
dress. That was a tube top stretched down around her bony
booty. The only thing keeping it from springing up around her
waist is gravity.”
“I think I’m going to be sick,”

*si asa arata un Jeep Commander...
nice nu? ...i like fast/big cars, Jeep, Hummer, Lambourghini *

A moment later, Marcie ordered the guy beside me out of his
seat and perched herself on top of it. She took off Patch’s cap
and shook out her hair, then pressed the cap to her face,
inhaling deeply. “Doesn’t he smell amazing?”
“Hey, Nora,” Vee said, “didn’t Patch have lice last week?”
“What is it?” Marcie asked rhetorically. “Fresh-cut grass? An
exotic spice? Or maybe … mint?”
I set my glass down a little too hard, and some of the cherry
Coke sloshed onto the bar.
“That’s really eco-friendly of you,” Vee told Marcie. “Recycling
Nora’s old trash.”

A certain emptiness gnawed its way inside me. All the
pieces came together, and I suddenly understood. Being with
Marcie was about cheap satisfaction. Self-satisfaction. He
really did see us as conquests. He was a player. Every girl was
a new challenge, a short-term hookup to broaden his horizons.
He found success in the art of seduction. He didn’t care about
the middle or end of a story— only the beginning. And just like
all the other girls, I’d made the huge mistake of falling in love
with him. The moment I did, he ran. Well, he’d never have to
worry about Marcie confessing her love. The only person she
loved was herself.
“You make me sick,” I said, my voice trembling with
Patch crouched down, elbows on his knees, face buried in
his hands. “I didn’t come here to hurt you.”
“Why did you come? To fool around behind the archangels’
backs? To hurt me more than you already have?”

“And here I thought they were called Peeping Toms.” I didn’t
need to see him to know he wore a smile.
“Stop laughing,” I said, my cheeks hot with humiliation. “Get
me down.”
“I’ll catch you.”
“Are you crazy? Go inside and open the window. Or get a
“I don’t need a ladder. Jump. I’m not going to drop you.”
“Oh, sure! Like I believe that!”
“You want my help or not?”
“You call this help?” I hissed furiously. “This isn’t help!”
He spun his key chain around his finger, then started to walk
“You are such a jerk! Get back here!”
“Jerk?” he repeated. “You’re the one spying in windows.”
“I wasn’t spying. I was—I was—”

 “I have rules about who I take there.”
I was getting really tired of that answer.
“If you showed me, you’d have to kill me?” I guessed, fighting
the urge to feel irritated. “Once I’m inside, I can never leave?”
Patch studied me a moment. Then he reached into his
pocket, twisted a key off his key chain, and slipped it into the
front pocket of my pajama top.
“Once you’ve gone inside, you have to keep coming back.”

"Tacere" este al treilea si ultimul volum din "Hush, Hush" saga.

Autoarea descrie "Tacere" astfel:

"It's all been falling toward this.... SILENCE"

" The noise between Patch and Nora is gone. They've overcome the secrets riddled in Patch's dark past... bridged two irreconcilable worlds... faced heart-wrenching tests of betrayal, loyalty and trust... and all for a love that will transcend the boundary between heaven and earth. Armed with nothing but their absolute faith in one another, Patch and Nora enter a desperate fight to stop a villain who holds the power to shatter everything they've worked for—and their love—forever."

Acest volum isi va face aparitia la inceputul lui octombrie anul acesta, mai exact pe data de 4.
Traducerea in romana, sper sa mearga repede
mor de curiozitate sa aflu ce s-a intamplat mai departe . :)
si sper sa pun mana pe carte repede!

Cateva cuvinte de lauda la adresa autoarei Becca Fitzpartick:
"Hush, Hush has great atmosphere, and had me wondering where in the world -- or out of the world -- this story could go. If the guys had been this dangerous and delicious when I was in high school, I would never have wanted to graduate! I see more fallen angel stories coming from this talented writer." --- Sandra Brown, bestselling author of White Hot and Smoke Screen

"Horror and romance fans who are weary of the werewolf (and vampire) next door will welcome this new take on the heart of darkness." --- Booklist

Daca nu ati avut ocazia sa cititi aceste carti, cu siguranta trebuie. Au fost foarte laudate cand si-au facut aparitia, iar fanii seriei sunt foarte numerosi in toate colturile lumii. Y'all would really heart these books, and if not, there's seriously something wrong with you...
you should reconsider your taste in books! :))

LATER EDIT: Revin si eu cu niste impresii dupa ce am citit Tacere.
Tinand cont ca aceasta carte nu si-a facut aparitia in Romania inca, o sa incerc sa nu dau prea multe spoilere.
Pe scurt, ce veti intalni: Nora este rapita de tatal ei biologic, isi pierde memoria, se aventureaza de una singura in situatii periculoase *seriously, haven't you learned anything by now Nora?* ,mama Norei devine o creatura insuportabila, dar care la sfarsit aflati de ce se comporta asa *nu o urati prea tare, bine?* , Vee devine si ea o creatura insuportabila, dar ea nu are nici o scuza. Hmmm, ce mai era?
...aaa, daca inainte bitchy Marcie imi placea, acum o ador! :))
You can hate me as much as you like, but at least she's an honest bitch.
Prima data cand Nora il vede pe Jev *DA! in aceasta carte Patch isi foloseste numele de inger/ex-arhanghel* ,se afla intr-o situatie in care ar putea fi ucisa. A doua oara cand il vede pe Jev, iar este in pericol. In ambele situatii, Jev nu ii spune cine este el de fapt *shocker*
Scottie the Hottie isi face aparitia, iar mai tarziu amandoi se afla intr-o situatie in care, guess what, they can get themselves killed ...AGAIN!
Marcie joaca rolul "bunei prietene" a Norei doar pentru a face rost de un colier care ii trebuie lui Hank; Patch o pune la adapost pe Nora in "casa" lui, ea bineinteles nu sta acolo si pleaca sa il "ajute" pe Scott, fiind urmarit de nefilimi, care rezulta in a fi capturati amandoi. Ea face o intelegere cu Hank, aveti si putina actiune cu ingeri, face o intelegere si cu ei in care trebuie sa il omoare pe Hank, dar pusa in fata faptului, ea are mila. Hank profita de ocazie si..................
Aici trebuie sa aflati voi citind cartea. :D
Aveti si putina actiune Jev+Nora standing in a tree~~~

Hey, eu am spus ca nu vreau sa dau prea multe detalii, asa ca nu va suparati pe mine! :D

Un citat amuzant pentru voi:
“Fine! I'll throw on some clothes. Turn around. I'm in my pj's.
I'm a guy. That's like asking a kid not to glance at the candy counter.”

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