21 December, 2014

~ NOTD: Halcyon~

by Eva Luna No Comments

I used:
AVON gel strength base coat
Glitter Gal - Tart Yourself Up --> see here and here
on my index and middle finger i used a DIY nail polish
silver glitter from Flormar nr 392
mixed with Avon Color Trend - Silver Plated
Glitter Gal - Gloss Boss top coat

I don't think it's secret anymore that i looove all shades of blue. I've said that many, many times in the past now
I think i wore this manicure for more than 6 days and i was really sad when it started to chip on the edges.
Every time i looked at my nails, at those colors, i felt happy *inserts Pharrell Williams song Happy. c'mon, do the crazy dance :))*

Okay, you may wonder what's with the halcyon title . . .
Well, i went the other day to see Divergent *OMG!!!!!* and now i want to go and see it again, that much i liked it. Well, i like the books more, but i think they've done a good job with the movie too.
While i was watching *and trying really hard to listen, damn giggling-talking-sheeps, flailing over Four aka Theo James*, i heard 3 songs by Ellie Goulding and one of them was My blood *listen below*.
I went home and i googled Halcyon and bumped into that pretty blue bird from above.
It's petite and it's blue, so of course i fell in love with it.
. . .then i looked at my nails, all sparkly and blue, and all was right in the world.

Now i'm asking, what nail color do you have on your nails girls? ;)

Have a lovely day!


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