21 December, 2014

~ NOTD: rainbow on 'ma nails girl ~

by Eva Luna No Comments
. . .rainbow . . .skittles . . .you name it, i'll take it, just don't taste it!  :))

Daca tot e asa de frig afara, incat am ajuns sa am doua bluze pe mine, plus un halat cu
Tinker Bell *i know i'm old, but i still love Tink ;)* , am zis barem unghiutele sa ma binedispuna! Asa ca le-am facut curcubeu  :))

Lumea prin metrou: se tot holbau la unghiutele mele hiper-mega-colorici si zambeau. Heppppppy! :)
Ce am folosit: un intaritor de unghiute, Flormar N010 *notd aici*, AVON Coral Beat si Lemon Sugar, Flormar 424 si Alix Avien-Shine Plus nr 120.

Sper ca v-au placut!
V-ar tenta si pe voi un notd asa vesel?

Hugs & Kisses,


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