21 December, 2014

~ Goodies from KKCenterHk ~

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Hi girls!  :)

V-am intrebat zilele trecute pe facebook daca doriti sa va arat ce am primit din partea KKCenterHk, and the people said AYE!  :))
Initial am vrut sa fac postarea asta ieri, dar m-am simtit un pic rau, asa ca a trebuit sa aman cu pozatul si swatch-uitul; dar nu-i bai, vi le arat acum, apoi voi realiza niste machiaje cu ele. Sper sa va placa ce o sa imi iasa!

I asked the other day on my facebook page if you all wanted to see what i received from KKCenterHk and the common answer was AYE!  :))
Well, i actually wanted to make this post yesterday, but i was a little sick so i had to reschedule the whole picture/swatch thing. Anyway, i hope y'all gonna like what i had in mind to do with these eyeshadows, but for now, i'm gonna do a mini-review on them.

10 perechi de gene false cu aspect natural, doar $8,52?
You're kiddin', right?  :))
Cred ca sunt o achizitie foarte buna si deloc costisitoare. Singurul minus ar fi ca nu au adeziv inclus, dar va puteti cumpara unul si de la magazinele din tara. Daca nu aveti experienta cu aplicatul genelor false, recomand un adeziv incolor. Sunt unele inchise la culoare, si riscati sa va manjiti si sa va stricati machiajul. Ar fi mare pacat! Puteti gasi acest pachet de gene false aici <--click.

10 pairs of natural-looking false eyelashes with only $8,52?
You're kiddin', right?  :))
This is such a good bargain! The only minus i could find was that: they don't come equipped with an eyelash adhesive. That would be even more great, but you can buy that separately anyway. If you're a beginner, i would recommend using an incolor adhesive first, because there are some dark-toned ones out there, and you risk ruining your make-up that way *what a mood-killer would that be!*. You can find these eyelashes here <--click.

Cand am avut de ales un rimel de pe site-ul lor, am zis ca neaparat trebuie sa am chestia asta!!! 
It's my new favorite toy!  :))
Are cam 12-13 cm, deci incape cu usurinta in orice portfard. Are un finish metalic, dintr-un plastic rezistent, cu o oglinda incorporata, plus mascara si eyeliner.
Despre mascara pot sa va zic ca nu ofera volum, doar alungire, iar eyeliner-ul nu este nici lucios, nici mat, something in between. Pensula este cam teapana, doar varful se misca un pic, ceea ce face trasarea liniilor mult mai usoara. Sunt multumita de acest produs, este perfect pentru utilizarea zilnica, dar nu m-a dat pe spate.
Il puteti achizitiona de aici. <--click

When i had to choose a mascara from their site, i said i had to have this thing!!!
It's my new favorite toy!  :))
Only 12-13 cm, so it could easily fit in your make-up bag. Metallic finish, made from plastic, with a mirror incorporated in the back, plus mascara and eyeliner.
About the mascara i can say that it doesn't give you volume, only length, and it's really really black. The eyeliner it's not shiny, nor matte, it's something in between. I love the brush though; it's really stiff; only the tip moves a little, which makes it easier for newbies. I can say that i'm satisfied with this product, good for daily wear, but it didn't WOW!  me.
You can find it here.  <--click

I have to admit that these three eyeshadows are my favorite! They are so beautiful and it's really hard to catch their real color on camera.
The 1st one is a creamy/ivory color, with some sliver, rosey-peachy shimmer in it. It can be used as a highlight, the inner corner of the eye, or as an eyeshadow alone. Love it!
The 2nd one is a beautiful forest-crude-green, with silver and gold shimmer, and the 3rd one is my favorite. It's a really dark brown, almost black, and it has purple, pink, burgundy and silver shimmer in it. It's so versatile; i can wear it as an eyeshadow alone and it would stand out beautifully. It makes the eye color really pop, either you have brown, green or blue eyes.
They are all really pigmented, but i recommend doing your eyes first, then foundation, because that glitter tends to fall a little *we don't want our face to look like a Christmas tree, right?  :))*
You can find them here, here and here.
I definitely have my eyes on some other colors.  :)

Unlike those 3 eyeshadows, these are matte colors, very pigmented, and they don't cause fallouts. They are all quite big and i love the packaging on these ones. The first one is called Sky Blue, the second Indigo Blue *a really beautiful azure color*, and the third Coffee. I like the fact that i can use Coffee for my brows too, it blends out so nicely.
You can find them here, here and here.

All in all, i cannot wait to post the make-ups!!!
Which color was your favorite? And have you tried one of these products before?
Would you like to? If yes, which one?

Hugs & Kisses,

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