21 December, 2014

~ AVON lipstick: Raisin Wine, Garnet Glow; Gloss: Moisture Seduction - Glimmering Champagne; Duo Contact Eye - Rain Forest ~

by Eva Luna No Comments

 --- AVON Color Trend Kiss'N'Go: Raisin Wine ---
--- consistenta cremoasa, ruj mat, puternic pigmentat, rezistenta: 3-4 ore ---
--- P.S: mama il foloseste, not my color  :)) ---

 --- AVON Color Trend Kiss'N'Go: Garnet Glow ---
--- consistenta cremoasa, particule fine de sclipici aurii si rosii, rezistenta: 3-4 ore ---

 --- My favorite and a must have: AVON Moisture Seduction - Glimmering Champagne ---
--- i just can't get enough of him ---

 --- from left to right: Raisin Wine, Garnet Glow, Glimmering Champagne ---
--- 1st photo: with flash;  2nd photo: outdoor light ---

--- AVON Color Trend Duo Contact Eye - Rain Forest ---
--- sunt la al doilea produs :D culorile se potrivesc de minune cu ochii mei 
fardurile au o consistenta aproape cremoasa si sunt foarte pigmentate; swatch mai jos ---

Aveti vreun favorit?  :D


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