21 December, 2014


~ Sayonara 2011, Welcome 2012 ~

by Eva Luna No Comments

2012, you better be good to me 'cuz i've had my share of crappy things to last a lifetime, okay?!
Now that we're clear, let's move on. :D

To all of you who had the time to read this, THANK YOU!

I really wish, YOU, lovely reader, to learn from your mistakes in 2011 and to be a better person in 2012.
Problems, you'll always have them, they just keep on coming.
It's no use to keep hatred and sorrow and sometimes, envy, in yourself.
You're only gonna transform your lovely self into a bitter person.
Don't waste all that beauty and kindness you have in your soul, don't give the haters and the daily problems the satisfaction to know that they're the reason you're so locked up in yourself.
I wish you a better year, no more tears, no more broken hearts, no more depression, i wish you to find your way when you're lost, to find the right words to cheer up a loved one, to be loved and cherished, i wish you health, a lot of that!!! hahah :)) ...i wish for you to have the strenght to go on and fight for what you want and get it! ...i wish you would treasure your time with your family, or friends, to treasure every little good thing that happens in your life and don't you forget that! People, in general, tend to forget all the good stuff when they're upset. Don't be like that! You have beautiful things around you too! Just open the window and take a look outside! :D
I wish you to find magic and wonder in every little corner of your life! Be happy! SMILE!
Smile when you feel like crying. Just fake it 'till you believe it!

And just for tonight, i wish you to... just have fun! LIVE!!!

And for me, oh man, i wish some snow! BADLY!
What can i do, i'm happy like a child when it snows~

I'll just give y'all a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek and be ready for 2012, make the best of it!

Lots of hugs and kisses from your Eva.


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