21 December, 2014

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My beautiful ladies, is it true that you can't wait for summer and for that warm sun on the beach? 🌞 Well, i don't. I'm the type of person that can't stand too much heat, so i never get to fully enjoy summer, because most of the time, i look lifeless. And yes, if i could, i would sleep in my refrigerator. Thank God for ice cream and watermelons. 🍉🍨

For today, i prepared a simple and chic make-up look, very wearable and easy to copy. Also, you may have noticed that yes, i did indeed went a couple of shades lighter on my hair. I'm still trying to get rid of that red pigment, because i was a red head for years now. But at the same time, i don't want to stress out my hair too much, so i'm taking it veeery, very easy.
I never was a blondie, so i'm curious to see how i'll look like in a couple of months with a more ashy color. What say you beauty lovers, should i keep trying, or should i stay a red head?

My beautiful ladies, nu-i asa ca abia asteptati vara, soarele si marea? 🌞 Ei bine, eu nu.
Eu nu rezist la caldura mare, asa ca vremea de acum e numa' perfecta pentru mine. E cald, dar adie si o briza racoroasa. Asta e vremea care-mi place, si sper sa tina cat mai mult. Scorching heat, be gone! 😁

Pentru azi am pregatit pentru voi un machiaj rapid si usor, un machiaj de zi, foarte purtabil & chic. Si dupa cum puteti observa, mi-am deschis si parul cu cateva nuante. Tot incerc sa scap de pigmentul rosu, ca deh~, ani de zile roscata, iar acum mi-a venit "pofta" de par blond pe cap.

N-am fost niciodata blonda, si tare-s curioasa sa vad cum mi-ar sta cu ceva super deschis, super ashy. Ajung si acolo, dar nu vreau sa-mi stresez prea tare podoaba capilara, asa ca o iau usurel. Ce parere aveti? Mă las de blondino, şi revin la roşcaţino?

May is usually my month, the month i celebrate my birthday and my name day, so i took a break from everything. I wanted to disconnect from my social life and my online life as well, and just rest. It was hard, let me tell ya', it was really hard at the beginning. But if you have someone dear by your side to slap your hand every time you try to pick up your phone or your bullet journal, you can make it out alive and well.
So it was quiet. It was peaceful, quiet, and i was able to enjoy things to the fullest. And that's what i want for you, beautiful people as well, to stop a moment and enjoy things, stop stressing out, and try to always see the full part of the glass.

Cum luna asta am inceput-o bine, cu ziua mea de nastere, mi-am permis sa-mi iau o pauza de la toate. Sa ma deconectez de la viata sociala si la cea din online, si pur si simplu sa ma odihnesc. A fost greu, admit, pentru ca ideile imi rasunau in minte si parca aveam un chef si un spor, cum mai rar apuc sa am in general.
Cred ca este important sa avem si pe cineva langa noi, care sa ne dea peste manuta de fiecare data cand intindem mana spre telefon sau bullet journal. Asa ca a fost liniste. Liniste si bine, iar asta va doresc la toti. Sa aveti parte de oameni frumosi, veselie, si sa vedeti mereu numai partea plina a paharului.

Nivea Hair Milk Shampoo Conditioner review
. . .or how to smell like candies. 🍬
. . .sau cum sa mirosi a bombonele. 🍬

A shampoo and a conditioner with natural milk proteins i didn't try, but i'm pretty sure everyone has heard by now about the Kallos Latte hair mask. My hair knows very well how good these masks are, and with the small price you're paying, you're getting quantity and quality. Not to mention the sweet smell and the lovely memories i have because of this mask.

Un sampon si un balsam cu proteine naturale din lapte n-am incercat, dar vestita masca de la Kallos Latte, da. Am ani de zile si cateva amintiri tare frumoase legate de mirosul dulcic al acestei masti, care culmea, pentru cat dai pe ea, ai si cantitate, si calitate.

essence gel nail polish - Pantone Color Fashion Report 2017

Wheeew~ it's been a while since i spent so much time on a post like this. Let's just say that i was inspired by the warm sunny weather, beautiful cherry trees, and a lot of happy going all around me.
Big Bang and BTS are playing in the background, because i can't work without music, my photo editing goes on smoothly, and now i'm trying to come up with new fancy-schmancy ways of starting a new blog post. I don't know why, but i never know with what should i start one, without sounding too lame, so i'll just go straight to the point.
Pantone - or that bossy fella that likes to tell everyone what colors should they wear throughout the year. Because why not, right? I wanted to make this post for months now, but i always found an excuse not to actually start typing. Until recently, of course. Well, let's stop rambling and get to the point now. Enjoy~

Wheeew~ de mult timp n-am mai bibilit la o postare in halul asta. Sa zicem ca am fost foarte inspirata in ultima vreme. Dam vina pe soare, pe pomii infloriti, si voie buna inca de la primele ore ale diminetii.
Big Bang si BTS suna in background, editarea a mers struna, cu mici exceptii, iar acum urmeaza textul.
Ca de obicei, nu stiu cu ce sa incep o postare, ca sa sune foarte fancy-shmancy, asa ca o sa intru direct in detalii.
Pantone - sau nenea ala care ne da "culorile anului", si ne dicteaza intreaga garderoba. Because why not, right? Am avut in gand postarea asta de luni intregi, dar nu prea am avut lumina buna de facut poze, nu aveam toate nuantele in colectie, nu, si iar nu. Pana cand m-am trezit intr-o zi si m-am pus pe treaba. Si ce coloreala a iesit mai jos, aia e. Enjoy~